Dept. of Conservative Dentistry

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Issue DateTitleYonsei Author(s)
2016Effects of age, sex, and blood pressure on the blood flow velocity in dental pulp measured by Doppler ultrasound technique김도현, 박성호
2015Dentin wear after simulated toothbrushing with water, a liquid dentifrice or a standard toothpaste노병덕
2017Bonding effectiveness of different dentin conditions on etch-and-rinse mode of two universal adhesives: the confocal laser scanning and shear bond strength박성호, 신유석
2017Effect of Topical Anesthesia on Pain from Needle Insertion and Injection and Its Relationship with Anxiety in Patients Awaiting Apical Surgery: A Randomized Double-blind Clinical Trial노병덕, 박성호, 이승종, 이찬영, 정일영, 조신연
2017Clinical Outcomes after Intentional Replantation of Periodontally Involved Teeth이승종, 조신연
2017Comparison of Internal Adaptation in Class II Bulk-fill Composite Restorations Using Micro-CT박성호
2017Clinical and Molecular Perspectives of Reparative Dentin Formation: Lessons Learned from Pulp-Capping Materials and the Emerging Roles of Calcium김의성
2017Local myogenic pulp-derived cell injection enhances craniofacial muscle regeneration in vivo신수정, 정주령, 최윤정
2017Biological efficacy of two mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA)-based materials in a canine model of pulpotomy 강정민, 송제선, 신유석, 최형준
2017Evaluation of the marginal and internal discrepancies of CAD-CAM endocrowns with different cavity depths: An in vitro study노병덕, 박성호, 박영범, 박정원, 신유석
2016지르코니아 프라이머는 필요할까?박정원
2016지르코니아, 열심히 polishing합시다박정원
2016레진 수복에 base가 필요할까? 필요하다면 어떤 것을 선택하여야 할까?박정원
2016Endo 한 치아는 꼭 crown이 필요할까요?박정원
2016Fiber 포스트 접착, 어떻게 접착해야 할까?박정원
2016Laminate 변색- 진짜 dual cure cement가 변색을 야기할까?박정원
2016Pressure Root Resorption of the Second Molar Caused by Third Molar Impaction: A Case Report of Severely Resorbed Root with Vital Pulp 김의성
2016Influence of Dentoalveolar Ankylosis on the Biomechanical Response of a Single-rooted Tooth and Surrounding Alveolar Bone: A 3-dimensional Finite Element Analysis노병덕
2016In vitro characterization of human dental pulp stem cells isolated by three different methods 김의성
2016Effect of Nd:YAG laser irradiation on adherence of retrograde filling materials: evaluation by micro-computed tomography 김의성