Dept. of Preventive Medicine and Public Health (예방의학교실)

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Issue DateTitleYonsei Author(s)
2009법적인 측면에서 바라본 수련의 의료윤리 교육목표김소윤, 박형욱, 손명세
2016Globalization, Public Health, and International Law손명세
2002건강보험 요양기관 당연지정제도 이후의 의료체계 조명박은철, 손명세
2018The effect of neonatal hypothyroidism and low family income on intellectual disability: A population-based cohort study 신재용
2017Differential impact of white matter hyperintensities on long-term outcomes in ischemic stroke patients with large artery atherosclerosis 김영대, 김현창, 남효석, 박형종, 허지회
2018Blood pressure level associated with lowest cardiovascular event in hypertensive diabetic patients강석민, 김현창, 박성하, 오재원, 이상학, 이용호, 이찬주, 최동훈
2017Socioeconomic Impacts of Expansion of Non-Smoking Areas: A Systematic Review윤진하
2016Acute high-level toluene exposure decreases hippocampal neurogenesis in rats윤진하
2016Does pain deteriorate working life expectancy in aging workers? 윤진하, 이완형
2015대도시 대리운전 기사의 안전 운행에 영향을 주는 고객의 폭언 및 폭행 실태에 관한 연구 김영광, 김치년, 노재훈, 석홍덕, 윤진하, 이완형, 이준희, 황정호
2018Income Changes Due to Disability Ratings and Participation in Economic Activities Caused by Industrial Accidents: A Population-Based Study of Data from the Fourth Panel Study of Workers' Compensation Insurance (PSWCI)노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하
2018한국 성인의 3차 흡연으로 인한 아이의 건강 유해성 인식과 관련 요인김영광, 김지현, 윤진하
2018Reconsideration of sample size and power calculation for overall survival in cancer clinical trials 남정모, 라선영, 정인경
2018금연구역 가이드라인 및 실외 흡연실 해외 동향윤진하
2018Association between smoking behavior patterns and glycated hemoglobin levels in a general population. 박은철, 장성인
2018Comparing survival functions with interval-censored data in the presence of an intermediate clinical event. 남정모
2018Geographical variations and influential factors in prevalence of cardiometabolic diseases in South Korea. 김창수, 노주환
2018Use of sedative-hypnotics and the risk of Alzheimer's dementia: A retrospective cohort study 정선재
2017Relationship Between Exposure to Second-Hand Smoke in the Workplace and Occupational Injury in the Republic of Korea김영광, 김지현, 노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하
2007WHO 권고안과 우리나라 신종 인플루엔자 대유행 대응 전략 비교 분석손명세, 이은영, 이일학