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Issue DateTitleYonsei Author(s)
2016Inhibition of airway surface fluid absorption by cholinergic stimulation 조형주
2016Marked increases in mucociliary clearance produced by synergistic secretory agonists or inhibition of the epithelial sodium channel 조형주
2016Minimal Endoscope-assisted Thyroidectomy Through a Retroauricular Approach: An Evolving Solo Surgery Technique 고윤우, 김원식, 반명진, 변형권
2016후두 질환에서 Pulsed Dye Laser의 치료 원리 및 임상적 적용 최홍식
2016Consensus statement: Long-term results of ABI in children with complex inner ear malformations and decision making between CI and ABI문인석
2015한국 청소년 이명의 유병률 및 위험인자 분석 박상철, 서지영
2015Robotic excision of a huge parathyroid adenoma via a retroauricular approach고윤우, 변형권, 이전미, 최은창
2015Radiologically Unusual Presentation of Cholesterol Granuloma in the Sphenoid Sinus 김다희, 김창훈, 이승구, 조형주
2015중두개와 접근법으로 제거한 재발성 진주종 1예 김성헌, 이전미
2015Association between mobile phone use and pleomorphic adenoma of parotid gland 문인석, 최은창
2017Genetic Predisposition to Sporadic Congenital Hearing Loss in a Pediatric Population 정진세, 지헌영, 최재영
2017Resistance to hypertension and high Cl- excretion in humans with SLC26A4 mutations정진세, 최재영
2015Functional remodeling after vocal fold injury by small intestinal submucosa gel containing hepatocyte growth factor임재열
2017Radioprotective effects of Keratinocyte Growth Factor-1 against irradiation-induced salivary gland hypofunction 임재열
2017In response to Improved outcomes after low-concentration hypochlorous acid nasal irrigation in pediatric chronic sinusitis조형주
2017Organotypic Spheroid Culture to Mimic Radiation-Induced Salivary Hypofunction임재열
2017β1- and β2-adrenergic stimulation-induced electrogenic transport by human endolymphatic sac epithelium and its clinical implications. 문인석, 윤주헌, 정진세, 최재영
2017Role of surgical treatment for esthesioneuroblastomas: 31-Year experience at a single institution박상철, 서영욱, 윤주헌, 정효진, 조형주, 황치상
2017Secondary submucosal vocal cyst following pulsed dye laser application for sulcus vocalis.변형권
2017Facial reanimation using hypoglossal-facial nerve anastomosis after schwannoma removal문인석, 한지혁