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코로나19와 구조적 부정의: 아이리스 영의 사회적 연결 모델과 팬데믹 해결을 위한 책임

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 COVID-19 and structural injustice: Young’s social connection model and responsibility for resolving the pandemic 
 김준혁  ;  강철 
 Journal of the Korean Biotechics Association (생명윤리), Vol.23(1) : 47-69, 2022-06 
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Journal of the Korean Biotechics Association(생명윤리)
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COVID-19 ; Structural Injustice ; Social Connection Model ; Biological-Political Responsibilities
South Korea is considered one of the countries that effectively responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it has raised the issue that the country’s quarantine policy concentrated damage on some classes, especially minority groups. The world made efforts to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine fairly, even before its development. However, distribution inequality occurs, and a large percentage of vaccine production has been transported to high-income countries. These harms happened even though nations or institutions did not intend to injury a particular group or state, and it was difficult to hold anyone responsible, resulting in these issues being ignored by the many who did not suffer. This paper explains this state of affairs based on the concept of structural injustice by Iris Young and attempts to examine that everyone in the society is responsible for rectifying it. To this end, we review recent work on the structural injustice and the social connection model explaining the responsibilities arising in such situations, examine what caused structural injustice in each case, and perform tasks to urge collective action for transformation. In particular, the paper presents a new interpretation of the social connection model through the issues of the pandemic, which confer biological-political responsibilities on individuals.
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