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All-in-One, Wireless, Stretchable Hybrid Electronics for Smart, Connected, and Ambulatory Physiological Monitoring

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dc.description.abstractCommercially available health monitors rely on rigid electronic housing coupled with aggressive adhesives and conductive gels, causing discomfort and inducing skin damage. Also, research-level skin-wearable devices, while excelling in some aspects, fall short as concept-only presentations due to the fundamental challenges of active wireless communication and integration as a single device platform. Here, an all-in-one, wireless, stretchable hybrid electronics with key capabilities for real-time physiological monitoring, automatic detection of signal abnormality via deep-learning, and a long-range wireless connectivity (up to 15 m) is introduced. The strategic integration of thin-film electronic layers with hyperelastic elastomers allows the overall device to adhere and deform naturally with the human body while maintaining the functionalities of the on-board electronics. The stretchable electrodes with optimized structures for intimate skin contact are capable of generating clinical-grade electrocardiograms and accurate analysis of heart and respiratory rates while the motion sensor assesses physical activities. Implementation of convolutional neural networks for real-time physiological classifications demonstrates the feasibility of multifaceted analysis with a high clinical relevance. Finally, in vivo demonstrations with animals and human subjects in various scenarios reveal the versatility of the device as both a health monitor and a viable research tool.-
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dc.titleAll-in-One, Wireless, Stretchable Hybrid Electronics for Smart, Connected, and Ambulatory Physiological Monitoring-
dc.contributor.collegeCollege of Medicine (의과대학)-
dc.contributor.departmentDept. of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (흉부외과학교실)-
dc.contributor.googleauthorYun-Soung Kim-
dc.contributor.googleauthorMusa Mahmood-
dc.contributor.googleauthorYongkuk Lee-
dc.contributor.googleauthorNam Kyun Kim-
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dc.contributor.googleauthorHee Cheol Cho-
dc.contributor.googleauthorWoon-Hong Yeo-
dc.subject.keywordambulatory cardiac monitoring-
dc.subject.keywordphysiological signals-
dc.subject.keywordstretchable hybrid electronics-
dc.subject.keywordwearable electronics-
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dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationAdvanced science, Vol.6(17) : 1900939, 2019-07-
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