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토끼 각막을 이용한 SS-cream의 표면 감각감수성에 미치는 영향

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 Studies for the Surface Desensitizing Activity of SS-cream on the Rabbit Cornea 
 신종성  ;  최영득  ;  하헌구  ;  최형기 
 Korean Journal of Urology (대한비뇨기과학회지), Vol.37(8) : 872-876, 1996-08 
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Corneal sensitivity ; Rabbit ; SS-cream ; Lidocaine ; Prematurc cjaculation
SS-cream is a topical agent for treating the premature ejaculation (PE) which was made up with extracts of 9 oriental herbs (Ginseng Radix alba, Angelicae gigantic Radix, Cistanchis Herba, Zanthoxylli Fructus, Torilidis Semen, Asiasari Radix, Caryophylli Flos, Cinnamoni Cortex and Bufonis Veneum). According to the active compositions, the main mechanism of SS- cream on PE was thought to be the local desensitizing effect. In order to realize the pharmacological action of SS-cream on PE, we performed the corneal sensitivity test with SS- cream and lidocaine in the rabbit (n=80). Both SS-cream and lidocaine inhibited the pin-prick induced corneal reflex dose-dependently (p<0.001). The anesthetic effect of lidocaine was appeared 5 minutes after the application and the duration of action persisted for 10 minutes. The intensities of desensitizing effect of SS- cream were almost same with those of 2% lidocaine, but the time of onset and duration of action was longer than 2% lidocaine. The time of onset was 10 minutes and the duration of action was persisted for more than 30 minutes. There were no local histopathologic changes after the application of SS-cream and lidocaine. With these result, we can conclude that SS-cream has a desensitizing effect on the cornea of rabbit. The believed main pharmacologic mechanism of SS-cream on PE is the desensitization of the Local Surface sensitivity
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