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손자녀 양육이 조부모의 우울과 삶의 만족도에 미치는 영향

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dc.description.abstractResearch Background The ratio of dual income households is continuously rising according to the change of the household type in Korea, and the burden of the grandparents regarding parenting is continuously rising due to such influence. Concerning this social phenomenon, the interest in the parenting of the grandparents for their grandchildren is increasing day by day and various policies, researches, and press releases are being formed. In a press release on parenting of the grandparents for their grandchildren, both positive and negative opinions exist and the same results can be seen in previous studies. Meanwhile, governments and local governments are implementing various childcare support policies in order to solve the low birth rate caused by the burden of childcare, and there are also projects to support grandchildren's care for their grandparents. Therefore, it is expected that the theoretical study on the support policy of the government and the local government will be needed. Especially, grandparents, who are genuinely burdened with their grandchildren's, is analyzed and is hoped that it becomes the foundation to deduce a social agreement such as direction of the policy for social phenomenon. Subject and Method The data used in this study are the data from the 2nd to 6th (2008-2016) of the 'Korean Longitudinal Study of Aging (KLoSA)'. The first basic survey of this panel survey was carried out on 10,254 people in 6,171 households in 2006, followed by a follow-up survey of selected subjects every two years. Some new panels were added in the fifth survey (2014). In this study, grandparents aged 51 to 80 who answered that they had grandchildren were among the subjects surveyed. A total of 21,560 observations were made for the grandchildren except for missing values. Whether they cared for their grandchildren, the number of cared grandchildren, personal characteristics, depression level according to household characteristics, and life satisfaction were examined using the Mixed Effect model. Background Result First, the general characteristics found through verification results of group difference of research targets according to whether they cared for the grandchildren were that the depression index was found to be lower than that of the non-caretakers, and statistically significant. Life satisfaction was found to be higher in the caretaker than in the non-caretaker, but not statistically significant. The analysis of the characteristics of each group reveals that the group that cares for grandchildren are relatively consists of many women and the age is low. Although they do not do economic activities, they often live as an economic community while living with their adult children and residence rate in the big cities was relatively high. Second, the results of analysis using the Mixed Effect Model to find out the effect of grandchildren caretaking on the satisfaction of the grandparent's life showed that grandparents who take care of their grandchildren were found to have relatively high satisfaction in life(B=3.388, p<.001), low depression(B=-.775, p<.001), and the higher the number of grandchildren they cared for, the higher their satisfaction in life(B=1.954, p<.001), and the lower their depression (B=-.526, p<.001). Third, in the analysis of the effect of grandchildren care according to sex, grandparents' care of their grandchildren reduced depression, but life satisfaction was significantly increased only in the case of the grandmother. According to age, grandchildren parenting decreased depression in both middle and old age, but in terms of life satisfaction, only middle-aged grandparents had a positive effect. Conclusion In recent press releases, there is a view that grandparents' care of their grandchildren is less likely to cause "successful aging" of grandparents, and may cause physical limitations and stress. However, according to the results of this study, grandchildren's parenting has a positive effect on grandparents' life satisfaction and depression. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously analyze through researches the effects and influence of grandchildren care, and it will be necessary to expand policy support such as parenting education programs and childcare allowances. Especially, in the follow-up study, it is necessary to carry out various studies including the influence of the transition of care for grandchildren, the characteristics of grandparents, grandchildren's adult children, grandchildren's characteristics, caring time, caring institution use and diverse researches including clinical diagnosis regarding caring strength and grandparents' depression levels.-
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dc.title손자녀 양육이 조부모의 우울과 삶의 만족도에 미치는 영향-
dc.title.alternativeThe Effects of Grandchildren Parenting on Depression and Life Satisfaction of Grandparents-
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