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병원 조직의 특성이 언론홍보실적에 미치는 영향

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 Effects of Structural Characteristics on Newspaper Public Relation Activities in Hospitals 
 정영한  ;  박은철  ;  박종연  ;  손명세  ;  이지전 
 Korean Journal of Hospital Management (병원경영학회지), Vol.5(1) : 176-199, 2000 
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 Korean Journal of Hospital Management (병원경영학회지) 
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This study is to identify factors affecting public relations(PR) activities through newspapers among hospitals. 53 acute hospitals with more than 500 beds were surveyed by telephone interview, and hospital-related articles on 4 major daily newspapers were searched in KINDS(Korea Intergrated Newspapers Database System). Hospitals` PR scores were evaluated by weighting the direction and the number of hospitals mentioned in an articles. The scores were analysed as the outcome of PR activities by some general characteristics. The mean of PR score was 4.64, most hospitals(22, 41.5%) fell on the group scored more than 0 and less than 5. Hospitals with score under zero were 7(13.2%) and the hospitals scored over 20 point were 3(5.8%). The number of beds and area, two general characteristics of hospitals, had decisive effect on PR activities. Analysis showed hospitals over 1000 beds scored 17.06 point and this group accounted for the highest. Hospitals from 600 to 799 beds scored 2.86, with 800 to 900 beds scored 1.93 and with 500 to 599 beds scored 0.59. Along with area, hospitals in Seoul scored 11.50 point, in Kyong-Ki and Incheon scored 1.50 and in the other areas scored -0.23 point. Department for PR and the number of workers in PR activities made hospitals active in PR. Hospitals with PR department scored 7.05 point, without PR department scored 0.98 Hospitals with workers who is whole responsibility over 5 scored 13.67, from 3 to 4 scored 6.54, from 1 to 2 scored 1.02, and the hospitals without workers who is whole responsibility scored 0.53. Among the characteristics related with PR activities, the assignment of a report in individual hospital had significant effect on the outcome of PR. Hospitals with assigned reporters scored 8.31 point, without them scored 1.89. Finally, the factors affecting PR score were identified by multiple regression analysis. The number of beds and the area(Seoul) were significantly associated with the score in positive direction.
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