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Effects of Statins on Coronary Atherosclerotic Plaques: The PARADIGM Study

Sang-Eun Lee ; Hyuk-Jae Chang ; Ji Min Sung ; Hyung-Bok Park ; Ran Heo ; Asim... JACC-CARDIOVASCULAR IMAGING, Vol.11(10) : 1475-1484, 2018

Incremental prognostic utility of coronary CT angiography for asymptomat...

Iksung Cho ; Hyuk-Jae Chang ; Bríain Ó Hartaigh ; Sanghoon Shin ; Ji Min Sung... EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL, Vol.36(8) : 501-508, 2015

Upstream regulation of matrix metalloproteinase by EMMPRIN; extracellula...

Young Won Yoon ; Hyuck Moon Kwon ; Ki-Chul Hwang ; Eui-Young Choi ; Bum-kee H... ATHEROSCLEROSIS, Vol.180(1) : 37-44, 2005
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Issue DateTitleJournal Title
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2020Novel Associations between Related Proteins and Cellular Effects of High-Density Lipoprotein KOREAN CIRCULATION JOURNAL
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2019Clinical feasibility of catheter-directed selective intracoronary computed tomography angiography using an extremely low dose of iodine in patients with coronary artery diseaseEUROPEAN RADIOLOGY
2019Differential association between the progression of coronary artery calcium score and coronary plaque volume progression according to statins: the Progression of AtheRosclerotic PlAque DetermIned by Computed TomoGraphic Angiography Imaging (PARADIGM) studyEUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL-CARDIOVASCULAR IMAGING
2019Identification of coronary arteries in CT images by Bayesian analysis of geometric relations among anatomical landmarksPattern Recognition
2019Longitudinal quantitative assessment of coronary plaque progression related to body mass index using serial coronary computed tomography angiographyEUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL-CARDIOVASCULAR IMAGING
2019Population-based dementia prediction model using Korean public health examination data: A cohort study PLOS ONE
2018Impact of optimal glycemic control on the progression of coronary artery calcification in asymptomatic patients with diabetes.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY
2018A Bayesian Network Model for Predicting Post-stroke Outcomes With Available Risk Factors FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY
2018Requirement Analysis and Implementation of Smart Emergency Medical Services IEEE ACCESS
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2018Effects of Statins on Coronary Atherosclerotic Plaques: The PARADIGM StudyJACC-CARDIOVASCULAR IMAGING
2018Demographics, treatment trends, and survival rate in incident pulmonary artery hypertension in Korea: A nationwide study based on the health insurance review and assessment service database PLOS ONE
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