Liver Cirrhosis Clinical Research Center (간경변증임상연구센터)

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Surface markers for the murine oval cell response

Craig Dorrell ; Laura Erker ; Kelsea M. Lanxon-Cookson ; Stephanie L. Abraham... Hepatology, Vol.48(4) : 1282-1291, 2008

Methylation patterns and mathematical models reveal dynamics of stem cel...

Simon Ro ; Bruce Rannala Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol.98(19) : 10519-10521, 2001

A stop-EGFP transgenic mouse to detect clonal cell lineages generated by...

Simon Ro ; Bruce Rannala EMBO Journal, Vol.5(9) : 914-920, 2004

Liver Cirrhosis Clinical Research Center (간경변증임상연구센터)

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