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Optimization of allergen standardization

Kyoung Yong Jeong ; Chein-Soo Hong ; Joo-Shil Lee ; Jung-Won Park YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL, Vol.52(3) : 393-400, 2011

Regulation of German cockroach extract-induced IL-8 expression in human ...

K. E. Lee ; J. W. Kim ; M. H. Sohn ; T. S. Yong ; K. E. Kim ; K. Y. Jeong CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL ALLERGY, Vol.37(9) : 1364-1373, 2007

Immunoglobulin E reactivity of recombinant allergen Tyr p 13 from Tyroph...

Kyoung Yong Jeong ; Woo Kyung Kim ; Tai-Soon Yong ; Han-Il Ree ; Chein-Soo Ho... CLINICAL AND DIAGNOSTIC LABORATORY IMMUNOLOGY , Vol.12(5) : 581-585, 2005

Institute of Allergy (알레르기연구소)

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