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Mutation in the transcriptional regulator PhoP contributes to avirulence...

Jong Seok Lee ; Roland Krause ; Jorg Schreiber ; Hans-Joachim Mollenkopf ; Ja... CELL HOST & MICROBE, Vol.3(2) : 97-103, 2008

(1)H NMR-based metabolomic profiling in mice infected with Mycobacterium...

Ji-Hyun Shin ; Ji-Young Yang ; Bo-Young Jeon ; Yoo Jeong Yoon ; Sang-Nae Cho ... JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH, Vol.10(5) : 2238-2247, 2011

Therapeutic effect of DNA vaccines combined with chemotherapy in a laten...

S-J Ha ; B-Y Jeon ; S-N Cho ; Y-C Sung ; M-K Song ; D-J Kim ; S-C Kim GENE THERAPY, Vol.10(18) : 1592-1599, 2003

Institute for Immunology and Immunological Disease (면역질환연구소)

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