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Prevalence of Dyslipidemia among Korean Adults: Korea National Health an...

Myung Ha Lee ; Hyeon Chang Kim ; Song Vogue Ahn ; Nam Wook Hur ; Dong Phil Ch... Diabetes & Metabolism Journal, Vol.36(1) : 43-55, 2012

Smoking and risk for diabetes incidence and mortality in Korean men and ...

SUN HA JEE ; ATHENA W. FOONG ; NAM WOOK HUR ; JONATHAN M. SAMET Diabetes Care, Vol.33(12) : 2567-2572, 2010

Elevated serum aminotransferase level as a predictor of intracerebral he...

Hyeon Chang Kim ; Dae Ryong Kang ; Chung Mo Nam ; Nam Wook Hur ; Jee Seon Shi... Stroke, Vol.36(8) : 1642-1647, 2005

Institute for Environmental Research (환경공해연구소)

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