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Whole genome analysis for liver metastasis gene signatures in colorectal...

Dong Hyuk Ki ; Hei-Cheul Jeung ; Sun Young Rha ; Hyun Chul Chung ; Nam Kyu Ki... INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER, Vol.121(9) : 2005-2012, 2007

Gene expression pattern in Caco-2 cells following rotavirus infection

Mariela A. Cuadras ; Dino A. Feigelstock ; Sungwhan An ; Harry B. Greenberg JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY, Vol.76(9) : 4467-4482, 2002

High telomerase activity and long telomeres in advanced hepatocellular c...

Bong-Kyeong Oh ; Haeryoung Kim ; Young Nyun Park ; Jeong Eun Yoo ; Jinsub Cho... LABORATORY INVESTIGATION, Vol.88(2) : 144-152, 2008

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