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Activated ras oncogene collaborates with HBx gene of hepatitis B virus t...

Young Chul Kim ; Kyung-Seob Song ; Gyesoon Yoon ; Myeong-Jin Nam ; Wang-Shick... ONCOGENE, Vol.20(1) : 16-23, 2001

Upregulation of MUC8 and downregulation of MUC5AC by inflammatory mediat...

Je Kyung Seong ; Ja Seok Koo ; Won Jae Lee ; Hee Nam Kim ; Ji Young Park ; Ky... ACTA OTO-LARYNGOLOGICA, Vol.122(4) : 401-407, 2002

Chrysin inhibited stem cell factor (SCF)/c-Kit complex-induced cell prol...

Seong Jin Lee ; Joo-Heon Yoon ; Kyoung Seob Song BIOCHEMICAL PHARMACOLOGY, Vol.74(2) : 215-225, 2007

Airway Hucus Institute (기도점액연구소)

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