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Issue DateTitleJournal Title
2019A 15-year follow up of an orthodontic treatment including a lower incisor extraction and keeping the maxillary canine-premolar transpositionAngle Orthodontist
2019A prospective, split-mouth, clinical study of orthodontic titanium miniscrews with machined and acid-etched surfaces ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2010Absolute anchorage with universal T-loop mechanics for severe deepbite and maxillary anterior protrusion and its 10-year stability.ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2018Apical root displacement is a critical risk factor for apical root resorption after orthodontic treatmentANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2018Assessment of changes in the nasal airway after nonsurgical miniscrew-assisted rapid maxillary expansion in young adults ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2014Biomechanical chracteristics and reinsertion guidlines for retrieved orthodontic miniscrewsANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2020Camouflage treatment for skeletal Class III patient with facial asymmetry using customized bracket based on CAD/CAM virtual orthodontic system: A case reportANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2017Changes in occlusal function after extraction of premolars: 2-year follow-up ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2010Changes of hyoid, tongue and pharyngeal airway after mandibular setback surgery by intraoral vertical ramus osteotomyANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2014Combined use of miniscrews and continuous arch for intrusive root movement of incisors in Class II division 2 with gummy smileANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2002Controlled space closure with a statically determinate retraction systemANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2015Cross-sectional evaluation of the prevalence and factors associated with soft tissue scarring after the removal of miniscrewsANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2006Customized Three-dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of the Upper Airway of Obstructive Sleep ApneaANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2013Distalization pattern of the maxillary arch depending on the number of orthodontic miniscrewsANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2021Early replacement of ankylosed first molar via mesial root movement facilitates bone formation and normal eruption of the third molar ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2017Ectopic eruption of the maxillary second molar: Predictive factors ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2018Effect of flapless osteoperforation-assisted tooth movement on atrophic alveolar ridge: Histomorphometric and gene-enrichment analysisANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2013Effects of placement angle and direction of orthopedic force application on the stability of orthodontic miniscrewsANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2018Evaluation of characteristics of the craniofacial complex and dental maturity in girls with central precocious puberty ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2023Evaluation of miniscrew-assisted rapid palatal expansion success by comparing width of circummaxillary sutures before expansion in adult male patients ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2009Expression of IL-1beta, MMP-9 and TIMP-1 on the pressure side of gingiva under orthodontic loadingANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2007Friction of conventional and silica-insert ceramic brackets in various bracket-wire combinationsANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2008Insertion torque of orthodontic miniscrews according to changes in shape, diameter and lengthANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2020Long-term stability of miniscrew anchored maxillary molar distalization in Class II treatment ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2012Masseter muscle changes following orthognathic surgery: a long-term three-dimensional computed tomography follow-up ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2007Mechanical characteristics of various orthodontic mini-screws in relation to artificial cortical bone thicknessANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2016Morphologic evaluation of the incisive canal and its proximity to the maxillary central incisors using computed tomography images. ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2008Morphological characteristics of the symphyseal region in adult skeletal Class III crossbite and openbite malocclusions.ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2008Nasal changes after surgical correction of skeletal Class III malocclusion in KoreansANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2019Nonsurgical and nonprosthetic camouflage treatment of skeletal Class II open bite with bilaterally missing lower first molarsANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2016Nonsurgical miniscrew-assisted rapid maxillary expansion results in acceptable stability in young adults ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2005Obstructive sleep apnea patients with the oral appliance experience pharyngeal size and shape changes in three dimensions ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2008Open bite correction by intrusion of posterior teeth with miniscrewsANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2015Periodontal consequences of mandibular incisor proclination during presurgical orthodontic treatment in Class III malocclusion patientsANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2009Photocatalytic antibacterial effect of TiO(2) film of TiAg on Streptococcus mutansANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2018Prediction of mandibular movement and its center of rotation for nonsurgical correction of anterior open bite via maxillary molar intrusionANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2013Quantitative analysis of mechanically retentive ceramic bracket base surfaces with a three-dimensional imaging systemANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2018Quantitative and perceived visual changes of the nasolabial fold following orthodontic retraction of lip protrusionANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2011Radiographic evaluations of molar intrusion and changes with or without retention in ratsANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2009Relationships between dental roots and surrounding tissues for orthodontic miniscrew installationANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2018Risk factors associated with open gingival embrasures after orthodontic treatmentANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2021Stability and success rate of dual-thread miniscrews ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2009Surface anatomy of the lip elevator muscles for the treatment of gummy smile using botulinum toxinANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2012Surface changes of anodic oxidized orthodontic titanium miniscrew ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2014Surface roughness of three types of modern plastic bracket slot floors and frictional resistanceANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2021Surgical treatment of a skeletal Class III patient using customized brackets based on the CAD/CAM virtual orthodontic system ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2004The efficient use of midpalatal miniscrew implants ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2007Treatment of class II protrusion with severe crowding using indirect miniscrew anchorageANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2017Unpredictability of soft tissue changes after camouflage treatment of Class II division 1 malocclusion with maximum anterior retraction using miniscrews ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2018Visual attention during the evaluation of facial attractiveness is influenced by facial angles and smileANGLE ORTHODONTIST