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2021수면질환 관리의 최신 기법Journal of the Korean Dental Association(대한치과의사협회지)
2021The Effect of Mechanical Vibration on Osteogenesis of Periodontal Ligament Stem CellsJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
2021Comparison of peri-implant marginal bone level changes between tapered and straight implant designs: 5-year follow-up results JOURNAL OF PERIODONTAL AND IMPLANT SCIENCE
2021Accuracy of bracket position using thermoplastic and 3D-printed indirect bonding traysINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTERIZED DENTISTRY
2021Tissue-specific biomarkers in gingival crevicular fluid are correlated with external root resorption caused by constant mechanical load: an in vivo studyCLINICAL ORAL INVESTIGATIONS
2021Early replacement of ankylosed first molar via mesial root movement facilitates bone formation and normal eruption of the third molar ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2021Survival and prognostic factors of managing cracked teeth with reversible pulpitis: A 1- to 4-year prospective cohort studyINTERNATIONAL ENDODONTIC JOURNAL
2021The effect of genetic polymorphisms on treatment duration following premolar extraction SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2021Stability and success rate of dual-thread miniscrews ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2021Age-related osteogenesis on lateral force application to rat incisor – Part II: Bony recession and cortical remodeling Trends in Orthodontics
1995골격성 제III급 부정교합 환자에서 상악골 전방 견인 장치 사용후 측모 변화에 대한 연구 KOREAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS(대한치과교정학회지)
1995어린이 환자에서의 전치부 개교교합의 원인과 치료 Journal of the Korean Dental Association(대한치과의사협회지)
1995Clinical results of the maxillary protraction in Korean childrenAMERICAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS AND DENTOFACIAL ORTHOPEDICS
1995Clinical Cases of Non-Surgical Palatal Expansion on Adult Patients KOREAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS(대한치과교정학회지)
1995연세대학교 영동세브란스병원 교정과에 내원한 부정교합 환자의 분포 및 경향에 관한 연구 KOREAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS(대한치과교정학회지)
1995청소년 석고 모형 분석에 의한 하악절치 형태와 치아밀집의 상관관계에 관한 연구 KOREAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS(대한치과교정학회지)
1995부정교합 분류에 따른 상악 중절치의 치관-치근 각도(Collum angle)에 대한 연구 KOREAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS(대한치과교정학회지)
2021Correlation and Correspondence between Skeletal Maturation Indicators in Hand-Wrist and Cervical Vertebra Analyses and Skeletal Maturity Score in Korean Adolescents CHILDREN-BASEL
2021Enamel Demineralization Resistance and Remineralization by Various Fluoride-Releasing Dental Restorative Materials MATERIALS
2021A Comparison of Accuracy of Different Dental Restorative Materials between Intraoral Scanning and Conventional Impression-Taking: An In Vitro Study MATERIALS

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