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MIG-6 suppresses endometrial epithelial cell proliferation by inhibiting...

Jung-Yoon Yoo ; Hee-Bum Kang ; Russell R. Broaddus ; John I. Risinger ; Kyung... BMC Cancer, Vol.18(1) : e605, 2018

Pik3ca is required for mouse uterine gland development and pregnancy

Hye Jin Chang ; Hee Sung Shin ; Tae Hoon Kim ; Jung-Yoon Yoo ; Hanna E. Teasl... PLoS One, Vol.13(1) : e0191433, 2018

Mitochondrial tumor suppressor 1 is a target of AT-rich interactive doma...

Hye Jin Chang ; Hanna E. Teasley ; Jung-Yoon Yoo ; Tae Hoon Kim ; Jae-Wook Jeong Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences, Vol.31(8) : 1176-1182, 2018

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