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2017HMGB1 binds to modified LDL and enhances its uptake by macrophages Thesis
2017Contribution of neuroplasticity in the insular cortex induced by nerve injury to neuropathic pain Dissertation
2017Development of Targeted and Non-targeted Analysis for Illegal Doping Drugs by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Thesis
2017Expression of miRNAs dysregulated by Human papillomavirus 16 E5/E6/E7 oncoproteins in cervical carcinogenesis Dissertation
2017Development of a one-step multiplex PCR assay for differential detection of major Mycobacterium species Thesis
2017Validation of pediatric index of mortality 3 for predicting mortality among pediatric patients admitted to an intensive care unit in Korea Thesis
2017In vivo dosimetry and acute toxicity in breast cancer patients undergoing intraoperative radiotherapy as boost Thesis
2017Differential expression of microRNAs in development of GH-secreting pituitary adenoma Dissertation
2017The outcomes of acute palliative care unit at a comprehensive cancer center Thesis
2017Regulation of insulin signaling and glucose transporters in the endometria of patients with polycystic ovary syndrome Dissertation
2017Monitoring of Motor and Somatosensory Evoked Potentials during Brain Surgery Thesis
2017Hepatitis C Virus Impairs Natural Killer Cell Activity via Viral Serine Protease NS3 Dissertation
2017M2 macrophages induced by mesenchymal stem cells provide an anti-inflammatory milieu that induces regulatory T cells in collagen-induced mice Thesis
2017The effect of Repetitive Magnetic stimulation on Gene Expression in Neuronal Cells Thesis
2017Neural substrates of aphasia in acute left hemispheric stroke using voxel-based lesion-symptom brain mapping Thesis
2017Factors related to the decision for the place of care among terminal cancer patients after consultation with palliative care team Thesis
2017The investigation of HOXB5 putative target genes and regulation mechanisms in MCF7 breast cancer cells Dissertation
2017Correlation between quantitative computed tomography analysis and pulmonary function in children with post-infectious bronchiolitis obliterans Thesis
2017Glutathione S-transferase theta 1 modulates intestinal inflammation via interleukin-22 mediated goblet cell differentiation Thesis
2017Protective vaccine efficacy of MTBK_24820, the complete form of PPE39 protein from Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing/K strain in mice Dissertation

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