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2017Return-to-work and Job Retention in Workers with Occupational Injuries and Diseases Dissertation
2017The effects of Drug Utilization Review system on patient care: Changes in prescription patterns, adverse drug events and related costs Dissertation
2017Does improved quality of care affect maternal health outcomes? Focusing on adequate prenatal care, off-hours delivery, access to labor facilities, and severe maternal morbidity Dissertation
2017Ovarian hormone exposure and risk of hypertension Dissertation
2018(The) differential effects of repetitive magnetic stimulation in an in vitro neuronal model of ischemia/reperfusion Injury Dissertation
2018Adipose-derived stem cells ameliorate colitis by suppression of inflammasome formation and regulation of M1-macrophage population through prostaglandin E2 Dissertation
2018(The) role of spleen for anti-tumor effect and tumor-infiltrating T lymphocytes in an orthotopic murine pancreatic cancer model Dissertation
2018Development of novel anti-adhesive agents using human acellular dermal matrix Dissertation
2018Distinct patterns of amyloid-dependent tau accumulation in Lewy body diseases Dissertation
2018Association between the use of benzodiazepines and the occurrence of acute angle-closure glaucoma in the elderly : a population-based study Dissertation
2018Promoting role of long non-coding RNA HOTAIR in cervical cancer progression Dissertation
2018(The) effect of simultaneous local irradiation of pancreas and rectum on radiation-induced rectal toxicity : apoptosis and fibrosis Dissertation
2018Association between clinicopathologic parameters and ERG translocation in prostate cancer Dissertation
2018Transgelin-2 (TAGLN2) as a potential therapeutic target of gemcitabine resistant-biliary tract cancer Dissertation
2018Heritability of telomere length in three generations of Korean families, including newborns Dissertation
2018German cockroach extract induces matrix metalloproteinase 1 expression, leading to tight junction disruption in the airway epithelial cells Dissertation
2018의료감정제도에 관한 실증적 연구 Dissertation
2018(A) study on the patent policy of biotechnological inventions with therapeutic activity in U.S. and policy suggestion for South Korea Dissertation
2018통일 대비 탈사회주의 체제전환국가의 보편적 건강보장에 관한 법제도 연구 : 23개 국가에 대한 퍼지셋 분석을 중심으로 Dissertation
2018Genome-wide prediction and profiling of Off-target cleavage by CRISPR=Cas9 Dissertation

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