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CD44-positive cells are responsible for gemcitabine resistance in pancre...

Sung Pil Hong ; Jing Wen ; Seungmin Bang ; Seungwoo Park ; Si Young Song International Journal of Cancer, Vol.125(10) : 2323-2331, 2009

Implantation of human umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells as a...

Seong-Ho Koh ; Kyung Suk Kim ; Mi Ran Choi ; Kyoung Hwa Jung ; Kyoung Sun Par... Brain Research, Vol.1229 : 233-248, 2008

Diagnostic performance of gray-scale US and elastography in solid thyroi...

Hee Jung Moon ; Ji Min Sung ; Eun-Kyung Kim ; Jung Hyun Yoon ; Ji Hyun Youk ;... Radiology, Vol.262(3) : 1002-1013, 2012

Medical Research Center (임상의학연구센터)

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