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2014개인 식품섭취 선호도에 따른 만성질환 발생 위험도 분석 시스템 설계 및 구현 Journal of the Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers of Korea (전자공학회논문지)
2014ICT 기술을 이용한 응급상황에서의 구급차 위치관제 시스템 journal of Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences (한국통신학회논문지)
2014Neural Correlates Related to Anxiety in Attentional Inhibition Control: an ERP StudyNEUROPHYSIOLOGY
2014Effects of direct current electric-field using ITO plate on breast cancer cell migration Biomaterials Research
2014PLGA nanofiber membranes loaded with epigallocatechin-3-O-gallate are beneficial to prevention of postsurgical adhesions. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOMEDICINE
2014Stimulated Migration and Penetration of Vascular Endothelial Cells Into Poly (L-lactic acid) Scaffolds Under Flow Conditions Biomaterials Research
2014Ethyl-3,4-dihydroxybenzoate with a dual function of induction of osteogenic differentiation and inhibition of osteoclast differentiation for bone tissue engineering. TISSUE ENGINEERING PART A
2005언어발달이 지연된 환아들의 진단과 이에 따른 임상양상 Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (대한재활의학회지)
2005Polyurethane foam with a negative Poisson's ratio for diabetic shoesKey Engineering Materials
2005Protection of human fibroblasts from reactive oxygen species by green tea polyphenolic compoundsKey Engineering Materials
2005Computer-Assisted Image Processing Techniques for Quantitative Analysis of Cell Migrations on Collagen-Coated GlassKey Engineering Materials
2005Evaluation of Poly(Lactic-Co-Glycolic Acid) (65/35) Treated by Dielectric Barrier Discharge in Atmospheric PressureKey Engineering Materials
2005Iridium Oxide as a Stimulating Neural Electrode Formed by Reactive Magnetron SputteringKey Engineering Materials
2005Attachment and Proliferation of Human Dermal Fibroblasts onto ECM-Immobilized PLGA FilmsKey Engineering Materials
2005The influences of β-glucan associated with BMP-7 on MC3T3-E1 proliferation and osteogenic differentiationKey Engineering Materials
2005The variation of biomechanical property of chondrocyte under the various biological conditionsCURRENT APPLIED PHYSICS
2005응급 원격의료 시스템을 위한 헬스케어 기술Journal of the Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers of Korea (전자공학회논문지)
2005Long-term preservation of human saphenous vein by green tea polyphenol under physiological conditionsTISSUE ENGINEERING
2005A new multipath interference mitigation technique for high-speed packet transmission in WCDMA downlinkIEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING LETTERS
2003원격 응급 진료 시스템을 위한 무선 환경에서의 고정 연결 이동-고정시스템 구현전기학회논문지 D

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