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2021Clinical outcomes in adult patients with plaque psoriasis treated with ustekinumab under real-world practice in Korea: A prospective, observational, multi-center, postmarketing surveillance studyJOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY
2021Vascular Complication Caused by Self-Injected Hyaluronic Acid FillerDERMATOLOGIC SURGERY
2022Asivatrep, a TRPV1 antagonist, for the topical treatment of atopic dermatitis: Phase 3, randomized, vehicle-controlled study (CAPTAIN-AD) JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY
2021Association between Skin Cancer and Systemic and Ocular Comorbidities in South KoreaJOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE
2021A Case of Paraneoplastic Pemphigus as a Preceding Manifestation of Underlying Follicular Lymphoma Treated with R-CHOP ANNALS OF DERMATOLOGY
2021Histopathologischer Umbau bei Non-Langerhans-Zell-Histiozytose-Xanthogranulom f?hrt zur Diagnose progressive nodul?re HistiozytoseJOURNAL DER DEUTSCHEN DERMATOLOGISCHEN GESELLSCHAFT
2020Keratinocytic Skin Cancer Detection on the Face Using Region-Based Convolutional Neural NetworkJAMA DERMATOLOGY
2020Diagnosis and management of pemphigus: Recommendations of an international panel of experts JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF DERMATOLOGY
2020Tussilagonone Ameliorates Psoriatic Features in Keratinocytes and Imiquimod-Induced Psoriasis-Like Lesions in Mice via NRF2 Activation JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY
2022Nephrin expression in human epidermal keratinocytes and its implication in poor wound closureFASEB JOURNAL
2022Real-World Experience of Long-Term Dupilumab Treatment for Atopic Dermatitis in Korea ANNALS OF DERMATOLOGY
2022Recent emergence of Serratia marcescens in dermatology: retrospective observations based on clinical outpatient dataEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY
2019ZAG Regulates the Skin Barrier and Immunity in Atopic Dermatitis JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY
2019Multiple Trichoepitheliomas Identified in a Patient with Neurofibromatosis Type 1Korean Journal of Dermatology(대한피부과학회지)
2019다양한 병기가 혼재되어 발생한 장기 융기성 홍반Korean Journal of Dermatology(대한피부과학회지)
2018Herpes Zoster DNA Vaccines with IL-7 and IL-33 Molecular Adjuvants Elicit Protective T Cell Immunity IMMUNE NETWORK
2022Implication of COPB2 Expression on Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma Pathogenesis CANCERS
2022Particulate Matter Promotes Melanin Production through Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress‒Mediated IRE1α SignalingJOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY
2022Core Gene Signatures of Atopic Dermatitis Using Public RNA-Sequencing Resources: Comparison of Bulk Approach with Single-Cell ApproachJOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY
2022CXCL12 inhibits hair growth through CXCR4 BIOMEDICINE & PHARMACOTHERAPY

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