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Frequent inactivation of SPARC by promoter hypermethylation in colon can...

Eungi Yang ; Hyun Ju Kang ; Hoguen Kim ; Nam Kyu Kim ; Hwanseok Rhee ; Kwi Hy... INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER, Vol.121(3) : 567-575, 2007

Correlation of KIT and platelet-derived growth factor receptor α mutatio...

Hyun Ju Kang ; Suk Woo Nam ; Hyunki Kim ; Hwanseok Rhee ; Nam-Gyun Kim ; Haer... ONCOGENE, Vol.24(6) : 1066-1074, 2005

Proteomic analysis distinguishes basaloid carcinoma as a distinct subtyp...

Long Shan Li ; Hyunki Kim ; Hoguen Kim ; Joon Chang ; Young-Ki Paik ; Kang-Si... PROTEOMICS, Vol.4(11) : 3394-3400, 2004

Dept. of Clinical Genetics (임상유전학과)

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