Research Center for Human Natural Defense System (생체방어연구센터)

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Issue DateTitleYonsei Author(s)
2017Synergistic mucus secretion by histamine and IL-4 through TMEM16A in airway epithelium김창훈, 윤주헌, 이상남, 조형주, 최재영
2017Proprotein convertase inhibition promotes ciliated cell differentiation - a potential mechanism for the inhibition of Notch1 signalling by decanoyl-RVKR-chloromethylketone윤주헌, 이상남
2015Mitochondrial reactive oxygen species modulate innate immune response to influenza A virus in human nasal epithelium김수진, 김창훈, 윤주헌, 정효진
2015The Induction of Pattern-Recognition Receptor Expression against Influenza A Virus through Duox2-Derived Reactive Oxygen Species in Nasal Mucosa 김창훈, 성상엽, 유지환, 윤주헌
2002인간염색체 12q13에 내재한 마우스 Gamm1의 인간유전자 homolog, MYG1의 클로닝과 발현 신동직
2000한국인의 DNA 프로필 분석을 위한 Y-염색체 STRs 타이핑 및 집단연구신동직
2001Y-Chromosome multiplexes and their potential for the DNA profiling of Koreans신동직
2001Y chromosome STR haplotype profiling in the Korean population신동직
2001Korean population genetic data for eleven STR loci신동직
2015Preparation of a cyanine-based fluorescent probe for highly selective detection of glutathione and its use in living cells and tissues of mice유지환
2015Bacterial uracil modulates Drosophila DUOX-dependent gut immunity via Hedgehog-induced signaling endosomes유지환
2015Proprotein convertase 5/6a is associated with bone morphogenetic protein-2-induced squamous cell differentiation윤주헌, 이민구, 이상남
2015A ratiometric fluorescent probe based on a coumarin-hemicyanine scaffold for sensitive and selective detection of endogenous peroxynitrite권영희, 유지환
2005An antioxidant system required for host protection against gut infection in Drosophila유지환
2004Peptidoglycan Molecular Requirements Allowing Detection by the Drosophila Immune Deficiency Pathway 유지환
2004The Homeobox Gene Caudal Regulates Constitutive Local Expression of Antimicrobial Peptide Genes in Drosophila Epithelia 유지환, 윤주헌
2006An essential complementary role of NF-kappa B pathway to microbicidal oxidants in Drosophila gut immunity 유지환
2006Genetic Association of the ACE Gene Polymorphisms with Essential Hypertension in Korean Females박성하, 장양수, 최동훈, 황기철
2006청소년 고혈압 관련 유전자의 연관성 분석 : Kangwha Study 남정모, 서일
2006Cordycepin inhibits lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation by the suppression of NF-κB through Akt and p38 inhibition in RAW 264.7 macrophage cells장양수, 정남식, 황기철