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Reliability and validity of the Korean version community participation indicators(K-CPI)

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 한국어판 지역사회참여지표(Korean-Community Participation Indicators)의 신뢰도 및 타당도 연구 
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Dept. of Occupational Therapy/박사
This study aimed to develop a Korean version of Community Participation Indicators (K-CPI), an evaluation tool to measure objectively and subjectively the community participation of the disabled, and to verify its reliability and validity. The Korean version CPI was adapted from the CPI, and its reliability was verified. Following translation, preliminary tests were conducted to confirm understanding of the questionnaires via translation, reverse translation, and review by the Professional Review Committee. The final draft was confirmed through translation suitability surveys of professionals. Test-retest reliability of the completed K-CPI was investigated in 20 individuals without disabilities, resulting in high reliability (.763~.901). Internal consistency of enfranchisement questionnaires was evaluated in 410 people with disabilities and manifested a high level of .949. As a result of the factor analysis for validity verification, four factors were extracted: control over participation; social connection, inclusion, and membership; importance of participation; and social withdrawal. We confirmed through a confirmatory factor analysis that the extracted factors were construct concepts explaining the concept of participation and that participation significantly decreased as the perceived severity of the disability increased. As a result of investigating convergent validity with items from the London Handicap Scale, a significant relationship was observed. This study aimed to complete a Korean version CPI through the adaptation of the CPI as a useful evaluation tool that measured objective and subjective aspects of participation in those with disabilities and to verify its reliability and validity. The results of this study showed that utilization of the CPI in Korea was possible, and construct concepts of participation were confirmed. Based on this study, the K-CPI is expected to be employed in clinical trials as a tool measuring participation.
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