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Association with mid-thigh low density muscle and LDL cholesterol subfraction size

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dc.description.abstractObjective: Body fat accumulation is one of the important factors modifying theexpression of small dense LDL(sdLDL). In adults, abdominal adiposity inparticular has a close relationship with LDL particle size .In this study, we investigated the relationship between mid-thigh low densitymuscle which represents fat components between and inside the muscle fibersmeasured by computed tomography (CT) and LDL cholesterol subfraction sizein healthy womenMethods: A total of 237 healthy female were analyzed with questionnaire,anthropometric measurements, blood tests. Mid-thigh low density muscle massareas were measured by computed tomography.Results: Increased mid-thigh low density muscle mass significantly correlatedwith decreased LDL cholesterol subfraction size, independently of age and fat.Mid-thigh low density muscle areas by CT was positively correlated with BMI,waist, meanBP, HOMA-IR, TG, abdominal visceral fat areas, abdominalsubcutaneous fat areas, mid-thigh fat areas after adjustment for age and fat.Conclusion: The low-body intramuscular lipid seems to be a possible one ofdeterminants of atherosclerosis in healthy women.-
dc.publisherGraduate School, Yonsei University-
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dc.titleAssociation with mid-thigh low density muscle and LDL cholesterol subfraction size-
dc.title.alternative대퇴중간 저음영 근육과 저밀도 지단백 콜레스테롤 분획 크기와의 관계-
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