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Issue DateTitleYonsei Author(s)Type
2005Vesicoureteral reflux in adult women with uncomplicated acute pyelonephritis김동석, 김동석, 김장환, 양원재, 최영득Article
2017Vesicular Bullous Pemphigoid in a 23-Year-Old Male 김수찬, 홍원진Article
2016Vestibular function is associated with residual low-frequency hearing loss in patients with bi-allelic mutations in the SLC26A4 gene김성헌, 서영욱, 정진세, 최재영Article
2005Vestibular malformation in mice lacking Na-K-2Cl cotransporter 1 and expression of Na-K-2Cl cotransporter 1 in human vestibular end organs김희남, 박헌이, 손은진, 신중욱, 이원상, 이주형, 최재영Article
2015Viability assessment after conventional coronary angiography using a novel cardiovascular interventional therapeutic CT system: Comparison with gross morphology in a subacute infarct swine model 박세일, 심학준, 장양수, 장영걸, 장혁재, 전병환, 정남식, 조익성Article
2000Viability evaluation of engineered tissues 박종철Article
2000Viability of cells in cryopreserved canine cardiovascular organs for transplantation 박영환, 박종철Article
2014Viability of pulp stromal cells in cryopreserved deciduous teeth김성오, 송제선, 이제호, 전미정, 최병재Article
2001Viable myocardium in reperfused acute myocardial infarction: rest and stress first-pass mr imaging 정태섭Article
2018Vibrant Soundbridge can improve the most comfortable listening level in sensorineural hearing loss: Our experience with 61 patients.김성헌, 문인석, 정진세, 최재영Article
2017Vibration-induced nystagmus in patients with vestibular schwannoma: Characteristics and clinical implications김성헌, 김진아, 김진원Article
2009Vibrio cholerae proteome-wide screen for immunostimulatory proteins identifies phosphatidylserine decarboxylase as a novel Toll-like receptor 4 agonist. 윤상선Article
2011Vibrio vulnificus IlpA induces MAPK-mediated cytokine production via TLR1/2 activation in THP-1 cells, a human monocytic cell line박순정Article
2007Vibrio vulnificus IlpA-induced cytokine production is mediated by toll-like receptor 2 김우향, 박순정Article
2008Vibrio vulnificus rpoS expression is repressed by direct binding of cAMP-cAMP receptor protein complex to its two promoter regions 박순정Article
2012Vibrio vulnificus sepsis misdiagnosed as simple deep vein thrombosis.김승호, 박인철, 유제성Article
1983Vibrio vulnificus 분리를 위한 선택배지에 관한 연구이명자Thesis
2009Vibrio vulnificus-induced cell death of human mononuclear cells requires ROS-dependent activation of p38 and ERK 1/2 MAPKs김우향, 박순정Article
2008Vibrio vulnificus-induced death of Jurkat T-cells requires activation of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase by NADPH oxidase-derived reactive oxygen species김우향, 박순정, 신명헌Article
2004Video Assisted Minilaparotomy Surgery (VAMS) - Live Donor Nephrectomy: 239 Cases 김유선, 나군호, 양승철, 홍성준Article