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Issue DateTitleYonsei Author(s)Type
2009Identification and characterization of novel polymorphisms in the basal promoter of the human transporter, MATE1 이민구, 이정호Article
2005Identification and characterization of peroxisome proliferator response element in the mouse GLUT2 promoter 김소연, 김재우, 김태현, 김하일, 송현려, 안용호, 임승순Article
2016Identification and characterization of preexisting resistant subclone in lung cancer with EGFR mutation sensitive to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor 이영주Thesis
2000Identification and characterization of the major allergens of buckwheat김규언, 박중원, 홍천수Article
2003Identification and Characterization of the Vibrio vuinificus Phosphomannomutase Gene 박순정Article
2016Identification and clinical implications of circulating microRNAs for estrogen receptor positive breast cancer 박인혜Thesis
2006Identification and functional analysis of mutations of the phenylalanine hydroxylase gene in patients with phenylketonuria 김상운Thesis
2003Identification and functional characterization of a novel mutation of hepatocyte nuclear factor-1 alpha gene in a Korean family with MODY3장인익Article
2008Identification and functional characterization of pancreatic cancer stem cells문정Thesis
2017Identification and Functional Characterization of ST3GAL5 and ST8SIA1 Variants in Patients with Thyroid-Associated Ophthalmopathy. 윤진숙Article
2000Identification and functional characterization of the peroxisomal proliferator response element in rat GLUT2 promoter김경섭, 김재우, 김하일Article
2008Identification and localization of alpha-synuclein in human cornea. 김찬윤, 성공제, 이형근, 홍사민Article
2013Identification and Selective Degradation of Neopeptide-Containing Truncated Mutant Proteins in the Tumors with High Microsatellite Instability김원규, 김현기, 김호근, 박미선, 신나라Article
2010Identification of a cholangiocarcinoma-like gene expression trait in hepatocellular carcinoma 박은성Article
2000Identification of a Clonorchis sinensis gene encoding a vitellaria antigenic protein containing repetitive sequences김경섭, 박순정, 용태순, 허만욱Article
2017Identification of a combined biomarker for malignant transformation in oral submucous fibrosis 김기열, 김진, 장향란Article
2004Identification of a Dysferlin Gene Mutation in a Korean Case with Miyoshi Myopathy 최영철Article
2005Identification of a HLA-A*33 restricted CMV pp65 epitope as a target antigen for CD8+ CMV-Specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes임종백Thesis
2007Identification of a kidney-specific mouse organic cation transporter like-1 (mOCTL1) 이운규Article
2003Identification of a ligand for gluticorticoid-induced tumor necrosis receptor constitutively expressed in dendritic cells김한수, 송시영Article