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Issue DateTitleYonsei Author(s)Type
2000HLA항체 양성 토끼에서 산처리 혈소판의 체내 생존능 평가 조성란Thesis
2007HLA항체 양성 환자에서 신장이식 전 혈장교환술의 항체 음성 전환 효과 김순일, 김창기, 김현옥Article
2006HME 모형을 이용한 시간에 따른 반복측정 microarray 자료에 대한 분석기법연구 명성민Thesis
2014HMG CoA Reductase Inhibitor Treatment Induces Dysglycemia in Renal Allograft Recipients강은석, 권오빈, 김명수, 김유선, 안철우, 왕혜진, 이현철, 조용인, 차봉수, 최은영, 허규하Article
2010HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor improves endothelial dysfunction in spontaneous hypertensive rats via down-regulation of caveolin-1 and activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase. 장혁재Article
2015HMGB1 Binds to Lipoteichoic Acid and Enhances TNF-α and IL-6 Production through HMGB1-Mediated Transfer of Lipoteichoic Acid to CD14 and TLR2.곽만섭, 신전수Article
2019HMGB1 gene polymorphism is associated with coronary artery lesions and intravenous immunoglobulin resistance in Kawasaki disease김동수, 안종균Article
2015HMGB1 in the pathogenesis of ultraviolet-induced ocular surface inflammation 서경률, 신전수, 윤상철, 윤주헌Article
2009HMGB1 is phosphorylated by classical protein kinase C and is secreted by a calcium-dependent mechanism 신전수, 윤주호Article
2019HMGB1 modulates the balance between senescence and apoptosis in response to genotoxic stress신전수Article
2019HMGB1 promotes hair growth via the modulation of prostaglandin metabolism 곡원호, 김도영Article
2016HMGB1 전처리에 의한 NLRP3 인플라마솜 활성 조절 박수정Thesis
2009HMGB1이 보체의 고전 경로 활성화에 미치는 영향 이상은Thesis
2001HNF1 and/or HNF3 may contribute to the tissue specific expression of glucokinase gene 안용호Article
2009hnRNP L binds to CA repeats in the 3'UTR of bcl-2 mRNA안영수, 이동형, 정승은Article
2000Ho-166로 피복된 자가 팽창성 식도스텐트 원제환Thesis
1985Hoffmann 외고정 장치를 이용한 경골 골절 치료에 관한 임상적 고찰김중선Thesis
2008Hollow silica nanocontainers as drug delivery vehicles.서진석, 양재문, 윤호근, 허용민Article
2001Holmium-166 키토산 복합체의 간동맥 주입에 의한 간세포암치료의 기초와 임상 연구 김은경, 이종태Article
2014Home blood pressure is the predictor of subclinical target organ damage like ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in untreated hypertensive patients. 권혁문, 김종윤, 민필기, 이병권, 임세중, 최의영, 홍범기Article