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임프란트 수술전 free gingival graft를 이용한 연조직 처치 증례

임프란트 수술전 free gingival graft를 이용한 연조직 처치 증례
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Soft tissue management for implant site preparation with freegingival graft (Case Report)
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Journal of dental implant research (대한치과이식(임프란트)학회지)
Journal of dental implant research (대한치과이식(임프란트)학회지), Vol.30(1) : 59~64, 2011
The purpose of dental implant therapy is to restore functions of mastication or speech, facial appearance, and health. Esthetics must also be considered a critical factor for implantation on anterior region. In patients with severe periodontitis or periimplantitis, there is often insufficient keratinized mucosa. In that case, the“ pink esthetics”of the implant restoration is expected to be poor as well as the maintenance of the oral hygiene. In this case report, free gingival graft (FGG) was conducted in order to increase the keratinized mucosa after removal of failed implant in anterior mandible. Although insufficient keratinized mucosa may not always lead to poor oral hygiene, gingival recession or crestal bone loss, adequate amount of keratinized mucosa may be needed for better plague control and esthetics. After soft tissue management with FGG, implantation and guided bone regeneration (GBR) was conducted simultaneously. The final restoration was delivered after osseointegration. Simultaneous approach of implantation and GBR was chosen for hard tissue augmentation, considering the low lip line and bone level of adjacent teeth and implants. The patient was satisfied with the final restoration. For good long term outcome, the periodic follow-up recalls will be continuously maintained.
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