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15세 미만 아동을 대상으로 한 집중상태에서 EEG 신호와 HRV의 상관관계 분석

15세 미만 아동을 대상으로 한 집중상태에서 EEG 신호와 HRV의 상관관계 분석
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An analysis of correlation between EEG signal and HRV during attentional status with children under 15 years
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Korean Journal of the Science of Emotion and Sensibility (감성과학)
Korean Journal of the Science of Emotion and Sensibility (감성과학), Vol.14(2) : 269~278, 2011
This paper illustrates the inter-relationship between the theta/alpha ratio of the EEG signal and multiple HRV related parameters associated with the cardiovascular system response during event-related stimuli. Both EEG and PPG signals were simultaneously recorded in 21 healthy subjects. All subjects had their attention focused on the CNT program for nine minutes. Time-frequency analysis was applied to the EEG and PPG signals. The theta/alpha ratio was extracted from the EEG results, and the HRV features, including beat interval(1), SDNN(2), RMSSD(3), NN50(4), LF(5), HF(6), and LF/HF(7), were extracted from the PPG. Through multiple linear regression, the relationship (R2) between the multiple combined features and the theta/alpha rhythm was identified. As a result, the combinations of R2(R2=0.253; seven dimensions) and the theta/alpha ratio indicated a higher inter-relationship value than those of other combinations. The combinations of features that were greater than three dimensions, based on {SDNN(2), HF(6)}, generally showed higher R2 value. We demonstrate that the high dimensional combinations had a higher correlation than did the low dimensional combinations
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