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Progression of aortic arch calcification over 1 year is an independent predictor of mortality in incident peritoneal dialysis patients

 구향모 ; 유태현 ; 김승준 ; 이미정 ; 김찬호 ; 최규헌 ; 도화미 ; 한승혁 ; 박정탁 ; 신동호 ; 오형중 ; 강신욱 ; 유동은 ; 고광일 
 PLoS One, Vol.7(11) : e48793, 2012 
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 PLoS One 
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BACKGROUNDS AND AIMS: The presence and progression of vascular calcification have been demonstrated as important risk factors for mortality in dialysis patients. However, since the majority of subjects included in most previous studies were hemodialysis patients, limited information was available in peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of aortic arch calcification (AoAC) and prognostic value of AoAC progression in PD patients. METHODS: We prospectively determined AoAC by chest X-ray at PD start and after 12 months, and evaluated the impact of AoAC progression on mortality in 415 incident PD patients. RESULTS: Of 415 patients, 169 patients (40.7%) had AoAC at baseline with a mean of 18.1±11.2%. The presence of baseline AoAC was an independent predictor of all-cause [Hazard ratio (HR): 2.181, 95% confidence interval (CI): 1.336-3.561, P = 0.002] and cardiovascular mortality (HR: 3.582, 95% CI: 1.577-8.132, P = 0.002). Among 363 patients with follow-up chest X-rays at 12 months after PD start, the proportion of patients with AoAC progression was significantly higher in patients with baseline AoAC (64.2 vs. 5.3%, P<0.001). Moreover, all-cause and cardiovascular death rates were significantly higher in the progression groups than in the non-progression group (P<0.001). Multivariate Cox analysis revealed that AoAC progression was an independent predictor for all-cause (HR: 2.625, 95% CI: 1.150-5.991, P = 0.022) and cardiovascular mortality (HR: 4.008, 95% CI: 1.079-14.890, P = 0.038) in patients with AoAC at baseline. CONCLUSIONS: The presence and progression of AoAC assessed by chest X-ray were independently associated with unfavorable outcomes in incident PD patients. Regular follow-up by chest X-ray could be a simple and useful method to stratify mortality risk in these patients.
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