Research Center for Orofacial Hard Tissue Regeneration

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014상온 대기압 플라즈마의 치의학적 응용권재성; 김경남; 엄수혁; 이은정; 이정환
2014Biological evaluation of micro-nano patterned implant formed by anodic oxidation권재성; 김경남; 문승균; 엄수혁; 이은정
2014The enhanced integrin-mediated cell attachment and osteogenic gene expression on atmospheric pressure plasma jet treated micro-structured titanium surfaces엄수혁; 엄지연; 이은정; 권재성; 김경남; 문승균
2014Tailoring of antibacterial Ag nanostructures on TiO2 nanotube layers by magnetron sputtering권재성; 김경남; 송두훈; 엄수혁
2011Antimicrobial silver-containing titanium oxide nanocomposite coatings by a reactive magnetron sputtering김경남; 송두훈; 엄수혁
2012Synthesis of titanium oxide thin films containing antibacterial silver nanoparticles by a reactive magnetron co-sputtering system for application in biomedical implants권재성; 김경남; 김시은; 송두훈; 엄수혁
2013Time-dependent growth of TiO2 nanotubes from a magnetron sputtered Ti thin film권재성; 김경남; 송두훈; 엄수혁; 임수연
2013E-beam fabrication of antibacterial silver nanoparticles on diameter-controlled TiO2 nanotubes for bio-implants권재성; 김경남; 김광만; 송두훈; 엄수혁
2013The effects of non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma jet on cellular activity at SLA-treated titanium surfaces엄수혁; 이은정; 송두훈; 권재성; 김경남