Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The influence of an isthmus on the outcomes of surgically treated molars: A retrospective study김선일; 김수연; 김의성; 신수정; 정회인
2016Incidence and risk factors of delayed postpolypectomy bleeding in patients with chronic liver disease.김도영; 박재준; 박준용; 안상훈; 이정은; 이희승; 한광협; 김범경; 김승업; 김연수
2016Cross-Reactivity between Oak and Birch Pollens in Korean Tree Pollinosis.박경희; 박중원; 박혜정; 이재현; 정경용; 홍천수
2016Concurrent Post-Transplantation Diabetes Mellitus in Renal Allograft Recipients With Immunoglobulin A Nephropathy.김명수; 김범석; 김순일; 김유선; 이주한; 임범진; 정향숙; 정현주; 허규하
2016Bone alkaline phosphatase as a surrogate marker of bone metastasis in gastric cancer patients.김윤남; 김주훈; 라선영; 임선민
2016A blocking-wire technique for removal of a broken hollow intramedullary nail.강동현; 박영창; 석상옥; 양규현; 윤여권
2016Metabolite-selective hyperpolarized (13)C imaging using extended chemical shift displacement at 9.4T.최영숙
2016The effect of epilepsy on autistic symptom severity assessed by the social responsiveness scale in children with autism spectrum disorder.고찬영; 김남욱; 김은주; 송동호; 천근아
2016Weakness of the Pelvic Floor Muscle and Bladder Neck Is Predicted by a Slight Rise in Abdominal Pressure During Bladder Filling: A Video Urodynamic Study in Children김장환; 임영재; 한상원; 신상희; 이용승
2016Symptom Interval and Patient Delay Affect Survival Outcomes in Adolescent Cancer Patients.김선희; 김효선; 유철주; 이윤선; 진송이; 한승민; 한정우
2016내과 환자의 섭취량/배설량 측정법 비교 연구김민지; 박소영; 윤혜영; 이재길; 이향규; 추성혜
2016Elderly Patients Require Higher Doses of Sugammadex for Rapid Recovery from Deep Neuromuscular Block.김소연; 신서경; 이혜선; 전은경; 한동우
2016The Relationship between Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Measured by Controlled Attenuation Parameter.김도영; 안상훈; 전재윤; 정규식; 정재복; 한광협; 김승업; 박준용
2016Subclinical Hypothyroidism in Childhood Cancer Survivors.김선희; 김효선; 유철주; 이윤선; 이현주; 진송이; 한승민; 한정우
2016Effect of Immune-Enhancing Enteral Nutrition Enriched with or without Beta-Glucan on Immunomodulation in Critically Ill Patients.김영삼; 이재길; 조윤수
2016Comparison of secondary intention healing and full-thickness skin graft after excision of acral lentiginous melanoma on foot.남경애; 정기양
2016Poly-L-lysine Prevents Senescence and Augments Growth in Culturing Mesenchymal Stem Cells Ex Vivo.김신영; 김현옥; 송승용; 유대현; 최유정; 허준석
2016Isolation and characterization of tumorspheres from a recurrent pineoblastoma patient: Feasibility of a patient-derived xenograft.강석구; 허용민; 곽지용; 김동석; 김선호; 김세훈; 김의현; 신경진; 장종희
2016Growing rod technique for the treatment of the traumatic spinopelvic dissociation: a technical trick.김학선; 문성환; 석경수; 이환모; 정우철
2016Myasthenia Crisis Induced by Pegylated-Interferon in Patient With Chronic Hepatitis C: A Case Report.백수정