Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Assessment of Adrenal Function and Health-Related Quality of Life in Advanced Gastric Cancer Patients Who Received First-Line Chemotherapy.김지형; 김혜련; 노성훈; 라선영; 송수경; 송승은; 이유미; 이호선
2016Modelling of the Sedative Effects of Propofol in Patients undergoing Spinal Anaesthesia: A Pharmacodynamic Analysis.정규희; 최수민; 한동우
2016Neural responses to affective and cognitive theory of mind in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder.김은주; 김재진; 박해정; 송동호; 오맹근; 천근아
2016Protocol for the comparison of triflusal and clopidogrel in secondary prevention of stroke based on cytochrome P450 2C19 genotyping (MASETRO study): A multicenter, randomized, open-label, parallel-group trial.김윤남; 이경열
2016Metastatic Osteosarcoma to the Breast Presenting as a Densely Calcified Mass on Mammography.김민정; 김은경; 김종현; 문희정; 우하영; 윤정현
2016Effects of a continuous lateral turning device on pressure relief.강나경; 김덕용; 주소영
2016Mucocutaneous Telangiectasia as a Diagnostic Clue of Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia: An Activin Receptor-Like Kinase-1 Mutation in a Korean Patient곡원호; 김도영; 서지명; 이진성
2016Waist-to-Height Ratio as a Simple and Useful Indicator for Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Korean Women심재용; 이용제; 이혜리; 임현제
2016Quantitative Evaluation for Differentiating Malignant and Benign Thyroid Nodules Using Histogram Analysis of Grayscale Sonograms곽진영; 김은경; 남세진; 문희정; 유재흥; 윤정현; 이혜선
2016Increase of Clostridium difficile in Community; Another Worrisome Burden for Public Health김희정; 이경원; 임정훈; 최민혁
2016Effect of a Single Bolus of Erythropoietin on Renoprotection in Patients Undergoing Thoracic Aortic Surgery With Moderate Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest김지은; 송석원; 심연희; 이현주
2016Small-Scale Fabrication of Biomimetic Structures for Periodontal Regeneration.그린 데이비드; 이중석; 정한성
2016Diabetic mastopathy: imaging features and the role of image-guided biopsy in its diagnosis김민정; 김은경; 김종현; 문희정; 윤정현
2016Relationships between gastrointestinal symptoms, uncertainty, and perceived recovery in patients with gastric cancer after gastrectomy노성훈; 이주희; 전병희; 최모나
2016Lack of anti-tumor activity by anti-VEGF treatments in hepatic hemangiomas김명진; 임준석; 최진영; 김한솔; 박미숙; 이민수
2016Bioinspired materials for regenerative medicine: going beyond the human archetypes그린 데이비드; 정한성
2016Influence of cyclosporine A on glomerular growth and the effect of mizoribine and losartan on cyclosporine nephrotoxicity in young rats김지홍; 신재일; 이연희; 임범진; 정현주
2016Clinical assessment of oral malodor using autofluorescence of tongue coating김백일; 이은송; 이지현; 최종훈
2016Cumulative Metformin Use and Its Impact on Survival in Gastric Cancer Patients After Gastrectomy김형일; 김효송; 노성훈; 라선영; 안지영; 이충근; 정민규; 정인경; 정재호; 정현철; 허수진; 형우진
2016A Retrospective Study of Methylprednisolone Mini-Pulse Therapy Combined with Narrow-Band UVB in Non-Segmental Vitiligo곡원호; 이정수; 김대석; 오상호