Institute for Medical Convergence

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Terahertz otoscope and potential for diagnosing otitis media문인석; 서진석; 오승재; 지영빈; 허용민
2002Oxytocin stimulation of RGS2 mRNA expression in cultured human myometrial cells박은성
2015Metabolic stress induces a Wnt-dependent cancer stem cell-like state transition이유진; 정재호; 허용민; 구민희; 김남희; 박은성; 서진석; 양재문; 육종인
2015Scalable synthesis of djurleite copper sulphide (Cu1.94S) hexagonal nanoplates from a single precursor copper thiocyanate and their photothermal properties오승재
2015Feasibility of terahertz reflectometry for discrimination of human early gastric cancers허용민; 김현기; 박찬혁; 서진석; 오승재; 이규민; 이상길
2015D-band heterodyne integrated imager in a 65-nm CMOS technology오승재
2015Spectrally encoded slit confocal microscopy using a wavelength-swept laser오승재
2014MR thermometry analysis program for laser- or high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)-induced heating at a clinical MR scanner김은주; 서진석; 오승재; 이영한; 정기영
2014Genomic predictors for recurrence patterns of hepatocellular carcinoma: model derivation and validation.박영년; 박은성; 유정은
2014Terahertz spectroscopic imaging and properties of gastrointestinal tract in a rat model김상훈; 서진석; 오승재; 이상길; 정기영; 최유나; 허용민
2003Expression of regulator of G protein signaling-2 in rat myometrium during pregnancy and parturition박은성
2004Birth of parthenogenetic mice that can develop to adulthood박은성
2004Proliferation of DU145 prostate cancer cells is inhibited by suppressing insulin-like growth factor binding protein-2박은성
2008Gene expression-based recurrence prediction of hepatitis B virus-related human hepatocellular carcinoma박은성; 천재희
2009Identification of potential driver genes in human liver carcinoma by genomewide screening박은성
2010Identification of a cholangiocarcinoma-like gene expression trait in hepatocellular carcinoma박은성
2010Prognostic biomarkers for esophageal adenocarcinoma identified by analysis of tumor transcriptome박은성; 조재용
2010Integrative analysis of proteomic signatures, mutations, and drug responsiveness in the NCI 60 cancer cell line set.박은성; 정재호
2010Expression signature of E2F1 and its associated genes predict superficial to invasive progression of bladder tumors박은성
2010NF-kappaB/STAT3/PI3K signaling crosstalk in iMyc E mu B lymphoma박은성