Airway Hucus Institute

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Upregulation of MUC8 and downregulation of MUC5AC by inflammatory mediator in human nasal polyps cultured nasal epithelium송경섭; 윤주헌
2002IL-13 suppresses MUC5AC gene expression and mucin secretion in nasal epithelial cell김창훈; 송경섭; 최재영
2002Ciliary and secretory differentiation of normal human middle ear epithelial cells김창훈; 송경섭; 윤주헌; 최재영
2001Activated ras oncogene collaborates with HBx gene of hepatitis B virus to transform cells by suppressing HBx-mediated apoptosis송경섭
2003Proteomic and transcriptomic analysis of interleukin-1ß treated lung carcinoma cell line김창훈; 송경섭; 윤주헌
2008Overexpression of Par-4 enhances thapsigargin-induced apoptosis via down-regulation of XIAP and inactivation of Akt in human renal cancer cells송경섭
2008cAMP-responding element-binding protein and c-Ets1 interact in the regulation of ATP-dependent MUC5AC gene expression.김규보; 송경섭; 윤주헌
2008Interaction of SOCS3 with NonO attenuates IL-1beta-dependent MUC8 gene expression.김규보; 송경섭; 윤주헌
2009Regulator of G-protein signaling 4 suppresses LPS-induced MUC5AC overproduction in the airway김규보; 김현준; 송경섭; 윤주헌; 이정권
2009Suppression of prostaglandin E2-induced MUC5AC overproduction by RGS4 in the airway.윤주헌; 이현재; 최연호; 김종무; 송경섭
2007Chrysin inhibited stem cell factor (SCF)/c-Kit complex-induced cell proliferation in human myeloid leukemia cells송경섭; 윤주헌