Institute of Allergy

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Profiles of IgE Sensitization to Der f 1, Der f 2, Der f 6, Der f 8, Der f 10, and Der f 20 in Korean House Dust Mite Allergy Patients박경희; 박중원; 박혜정; 신정우; 용태순; 이광훈; 이명희; 이재현; 이준용; 정경용
2015In vitro evaluation of allergen potencies of commercial house dust mite sublingual immunotherapy reagents박경희; 박중원; 박혜정; 이재현; 정경용; 최수영
2015Allergenic characterization of a novel allergen, homologous to chymotrypsin, from german cockroach박중원; 이재현; 정경용; 홍천수
2005Immunoglobulin E reactivity of recombinant allergen Tyr p 13 from Tyrophagus putrescentiae homologous to fatty acid binding protein홍천수; 김규언; 박중원; 용태순; 이재식; 이한일; 정경용
2004Allergenic characterization of tropomyosin from the dusky brown cockroach, Periplaneta fuliginosa이인용; 이종원; 이한일; 정경용; 홍천수; 김동수; 용태순
2004Molecular Cloning and Characterization of Tropomyosin, a Major Allergen of Chironomus kiiensis, a Dominant Species of Nonbiting Midges in Korea김동수; 용태순; 정경용; 홍천수
2009Household Arthropod Allergens in Korea.용태순; 정경용
2009IgE-binding reactivity of peptide fragments of Bla g 1.02, a major German cockroach allergen김충렬; 용태순; 이명희; 정경용
2009Allergenicity of sigma and delta class glutathione S-transferases from the German cockroach.용태순; 이명희; 이한일; 정경용; 홍천수
2009Sequence diversity of the Bla g 4 cockroach allergen, homologous to lipocalins, from Blattella germanica용태순; 정경용; 홍천수
2009IgE Binding Reactivity of Peptide Fragments of Bla g 4, a Major German Cockroach Allergen용태순; 정경용; 홍천수
2009Characterization of the major allergens of Pachycondyla chinensis in ant sting anaphylaxis patients박중원; 이용원; 정경용; 홍천수
2010IgE binding epitopes of Bla g 6 from German cockroach김충렬; 용태순; 이명희; 정경용
2010IgE-binding epitope analysis of Bla g 5, the German cockroach allergen김충렬; 용태순; 정경용
2010Fauna of Non-biting Midges (Diptera, Chironomidae) from Soyang River in Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Korea이한일; 정경용
2010Nine Polypedilum Species (Diptera, Chironomidae) New to Korea Collected Near Namdae-stream, Muju남성현; 용태순; 이한일; 정경용
2010Population Dynamics of Five Anopheles Species of the Hyrcanus Group in Northern Gyeonggi-do, Korea용태순; 이인용; 이종원; 이한일; 정경용
2010Enzymatic activities of allergen extracts from three species of dust mites and cockroaches commonly found in Korean home.김충렬; 용태순; 정경용
2010Allergenicity of recombinant troponin C from Tyrophagus putrescentiae용태순; 이명희; 이인용; 정경용; 홍천수; 김충렬; 박중원
2014Current Status of Standardization of Inhalant Allergen Extracts in Korea박중원; 이재현; 정경용