Research Center for Orofacial Hard Tissue Regeneration

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010유치의 치수와 치주인대에서 분리한 줄기세포의 특성곽성욱; 김성오; 김승혜; 송제선; 정한성; 최병재
2010SLA(Sand-blasted, Large-Grit, Acid-etched) 짧은 임프란트의 생존률에 관한 후향적 임상 연구김종관; 김창성; 엄유정; 정의원; 최성호
2010Immunohistochemical localization of cytokeratins in the junctional region of ectoderm and endoderm.정한성; 곽성욱; 김은정
2010A simple approach to preserve keratinized mucosa around implants using a pre-fabricated implant-retained stent: a report of two cases박정철; 정의원; 조규성; 채중규; 최성호; 김종관; 김창성
2010Evaluating intra- and inter-examiner reproducibility in histometric measurement: one-wall intrabony periodontal defects in beagle dogs김종관; 김태균; 조규성; 채중규; 최성호; 최은희
2010Function analysis of mesenchymal Bcor in tooth development by using RNA interference곽성욱; 김은정; 박지희; 이민정; 이종민; 정한성; 조성원
2011Wound healing/regeneration using recombinant human growth/differentiation factor-5 in an injectable poly-lactide-co-glycolide-acid composite carrier and a one-wall intra-bony defect model in dogs김종관; 김창성; 박정철; 채경준
2011Dimensional change of the healed periosteum on surgically created defects김종관; 김창성; 박정철; 정의원; 최성호
2011Effect of seeding using an avidin-biotin binding system on the attachment of periodontal ligament fibroblasts to nanohydroxyapatite scaffolds: three-dimensional culture.김창성; 박정철; 이용근; 정의원; 정임희; 최성호; 김종관
2011Enhanced adipogenic differentiation and reduced collagen synthesis induced by human periodontal ligament stem cells might underlie the negative effect of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 on periodontal regeneration.김종관; 김창성; 박정철; 정임희; 조규성; 최성호
2011A canine model for histometric evaluation of periodontal regeneration김종관; 김창성; 문익상; 엄유정; 이동원; 정의원; 조규성; 채중규; 최성호
2011Interactions between Shh, Sostdc1 and Wnt signaling and a new feedback loop for spatial patterning of the teeth김희진; 신전수; 이민정; 정한성; 조성원; 곽성욱; 김은정
2011Mechanism of alveolar bone loss in a collagen-induced arthritis model in mice박정철; 이수곤; 정임희; 조규성; 최성호; 김종관; 김창성; 박용범
2012Maturation of alveolar bone following implantation of an rhGDF-5/PLGA composite into 1-wall intra-bony defects in dogs: 24-week histometric observations. : 24-week histometric observations이중석; 김종관; 김창성; 박정철
2012Maturation of periodontal tissues following implantation of rhGDF-5/β-TCP in one-wall intra-bony defects in dogs: 24-week histological observations김종관; 박정철; 이중석; 최성호
2012Biological evaluation of micro-nanoporous layer on Ti―Ag alloy for dental implant김경남; 김종관; 문승균