Dept. of Oral Biology

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Resistance of mitochondrial DNA-deficient cells to TRAIL: role of Bax in TRAIL-induced apoptosis장인익
2002IFN gamma/TNF alpha synergism in MHC class II induction: effect of nicotinamide on MHC class II expression but not on islet-cell apoptosis장인익
2002한국인 얼굴 옆모습의 미술해부학적 연구김희진
2002개인식별을 위한 한국인 ABO 혈액형 유전자의 염기서열분석박광균; 신경진
2002Oxidative stress-induced cytokine production in isolated rat pancreatic acinar cells: Effects of small molecule antioxidants.김경환; 서정택
2002Ca2+ signaling in polarized exocrine cells신동민
2002Transporter-mediated bile acid uptake causes Ca2+-dependent cell death in rat pancreatic acinar cells김경환; 김주영; 신동민; 이민구
2002Emerging patterns of the cervical cutaneous nerves in Asians.김희진
2002Treponema lecithinolyticum 주외막단백질 (MspTL)의 역할 규명유윤정
2002Staurosporine mobilizes Ca2+ from secretory granules by inhibiting protein kinase C in rat submandibular acinar cells서정택; 신동민; 이승일
2002Effect of Insulin on the Regulation of Na/K/2Cl Cotransporter(NKCC2) in HEK293 Cells신동민; 이승일
2002Latent Transforming Growth Factor b-binding protein-3 and Fibulin-1c Interact with the Extracellular Domain of the Heparin-Binding EGF-like Growth Factor Precursor.차정헌
2002Receptor-based antidote for diphtheria.차정헌
2002Cloning and characterization of a major surface protein (MspTL) of Treponema lecithinolyticum associated with rapidly progressive periodontitis김종관; 박광균; 유윤정
2002분자체모델을 이용한 수종의 수산화 칼슘 제재의 이온 용출에 관한 연구박광균; 유윤정; 이승종
2002Ca2+ Signaling Proteins and Mammalian Sec6/8 Complex신동민; 이승일
2002Inhibition of mouse skin tumor promotion by anti-inflammatory diarylheptanoids derived from Alpinia oxyphylla Miquel (Zingiberaceae).박광균
2002Suppressive effect of natural sesquiterpenoids on inducible cyclooxygenase (COX-2) and nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) activity in mouse macrophage cells.박광균; 정원윤
2002Regulation of hair follicle development by the TNF signal ectodysplasin and its receptor Edar.정한성
2002Induction of apoptosis and caspase-3 activation by chemopreventive [6]-paradol and structurally related compounds in KB cells.김진; 박광균; 육종인; 차인호