Dept. of Conservative Dentistry

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The influence of an isthmus on the outcomes of surgically treated molars: A retrospective study김선일; 김수연; 김의성; 신수정; 정회인
2016Retention and Healing Outcomes after Intentional Replantation김의성; 신수정; 이승종; 정일영
2016Kinematic Effects of Nickel-Titanium Instruments with Reciprocating or Continuous Rotation Motion: A Systematic Review of In Vitro Studies.김의성; 안소연
2016Effect of Surface Treatment on Shear Bond Strength between Resin Cement and Ce-TZP/Al2O3.김종은; 김지환; 노병덕; 신유석; 심준성
2016A Randomized Controlled Study of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and Super Ethoxybenzoic Acid as Root-end Filling Materials in Endodontic Microsurgery: Long-term Outcomes.김선일; 김의성; 신수정
2016Progression of periapical cystic lesion after incomplete endodontic treatment.신수정; 허종기
2016Comparative Gene Expression Analysis of the Coronal Pulp and Apical Pulp Complex in Human Immature Teeth김성오; 송제선; 신유석; 조성원
2016Effect of Curing Mode on Shear Bond Strength of Self-Adhesive Cement to Composite Blocks노병덕; 신유석
2016Effects of two fast-setting calcium-silicate cements on cell viability and angiogenic factor release in human pulp-derived cells김의성; 박정원; 신수정; 정주령
2016Nonsurgical Endodontic Management of a Molar-Incisor Malformation-affected Mandibular First Molar: A Case Report.김의성; 유원영
2016Accidental injury of the inferior alveolar nerve due to the extrusion of calcium hydroxide in endodontic treatment: a case report김형준; 노병덕; 신유석
2016The antibacterial effect of xanthorrhizol as an endodontic irrigant on Enterococcus faecalis김백일; 유원영; 김의성; 송민주
2016Healing of Horizontal Intra-alveolar Root Fractures Following Endodontic Treatment with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate김도현; 김의성; 박성호; 유원영
2016Prognostic Factors for Clinical Outcomes in Autotransplantation of Teeth with Complete Root Formation: Survival Analysis for up to 12 Years김의성; 노병덕; 이승종; 최윤정
2016Detection and Analysis of Enamel Cracks by Quantitative Light-induced Fluorescence Technology권호근; 김백일; 김의성
2016Non-destructive evaluation of an internal adaptation of resin composite restoration with swept-source optical coherence tomography and micro-CT박성호
2002Clinical accuracy of a new apex locator with an automatic compensation circuit김덕원; 이승종
2002금전장관 수복물을 통한 치수강 개방이 금전장관 수복물의 미세변연누출에 미치는 영향김의성
2002Root canal length measurement in teeth with electrolyte compensation김덕원; 이승종
2002분자체모델을 이용한 수종의 수산화 칼슘 제재의 이온 용출에 관한 연구박광균; 유윤정; 이승종