Dept. of Conservative Dentistry

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Comparative Gene Expression Analysis of the Coronal Pulp and Apical Pulp Complex in Human Immature Teeth김성오; 송제선; 신유석; 조성원
2016Effect of Curing Mode on Shear Bond Strength of Self-Adhesive Cement to Composite Blocks노병덕; 신유석
2016Effects of two fast-setting calcium-silicate cements on cell viability and angiogenic factor release in human pulp-derived cells김의성; 박정원; 신수정; 정주령
2016Nonsurgical Endodontic Management of a Molar-Incisor Malformation-affected Mandibular First Molar: A Case Report.김의성; 유원영
2016Accidental injury of the inferior alveolar nerve due to the extrusion of calcium hydroxide in endodontic treatment: a case report김형준; 노병덕; 신유석
2016The antibacterial effect of xanthorrhizol as an endodontic irrigant on Enterococcus faecalis김백일; 유원영; 김의성; 송민주
2016Healing of Horizontal Intra-alveolar Root Fractures Following Endodontic Treatment with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate김도현; 김의성; 박성호; 유원영
2016Prognostic Factors for Clinical Outcomes in Autotransplantation of Teeth with Complete Root Formation: Survival Analysis for up to 12 Years김의성; 노병덕; 이승종; 최윤정
2016Detection and Analysis of Enamel Cracks by Quantitative Light-induced Fluorescence Technology권호근; 김백일; 김의성
2016Non-destructive evaluation of an internal adaptation of resin composite restoration with swept-source optical coherence tomography and micro-CT박성호
2002Clinical accuracy of a new apex locator with an automatic compensation circuit김덕원; 이승종
2002금전장관 수복물을 통한 치수강 개방이 금전장관 수복물의 미세변연누출에 미치는 영향김의성
2002Root canal length measurement in teeth with electrolyte compensation김덕원; 이승종
2002분자체모델을 이용한 수종의 수산화 칼슘 제재의 이온 용출에 관한 연구박광균; 유윤정; 이승종
2002유동성 레진이 치은 상아질 변연 누출에 미치는 영향박정원
2003저작재현장치의 개발박성호
2002수복용 compomer의 항우식성에 관한 연구박성호
2002Microhardness of resin composites polymerized by plasma arc or conventional visible light curing.박성호
2002제 5급 와동에서의 단일용기 상아질 접착제와 자가 산부식 접착제의 상아질에 대한 침투도 평가박성호