Dept. of Environmental Medical Biology

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Programmed cell death ligand 1 alleviates psoriatic inflammation by suppressing IL-17A production from programmed cell death 1-high T cells.김송이; 김수찬; 김형표
2016Dynamic Long-Range Chromatin Interaction Controls Expression of IL-21 in CD4+ T Cells.김형표; 송민지
2016IgE Reactivity of Recombinant Pac c 3 from the Asian Needle Ant (Pachycondyla chinensis).박중원; 용태순; 이명희; 이재현; 정경용
2002The basis for TCR-mediated regulation of the IL-2 receptor α chain gene: Role of widely separated regulatory elements김형표
2002Isolation and characterization of a cDNA encoding a mammalian cathepsin L-like cysteine proteinase from Acanthamoeba healyi용태순
2002Monoclonal antibodies to recombinant Der f 2 and development of a two-site ELISA sensitive to major Der f 2 isoallergen in Korea용태순
2002Isolation of genes induced in Naegleria fowleriduring mouse brain passage박순정
2002실내 원인 알레르겐인 바퀴벌레의 수도권내 계절별 분포 조사김규언; 손명현; 용태순
2002PCR-RFLP analysis of Giardia lamblia using a Giardia-specific gene, GLORF-C4박순정; 용태순
2002A case of breast sparganosis용태순
2002Characterization of two glyceraldeyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase genes in Giardia lamblia박순정; 용태순
2002Localization of Der f 2 in the gut and faecal pellets of Dermatophagoides farinae용태순
2002구미시와 칠곡군에서 아메바성 이질로 오진된 살모넬라증 유행용태순
2002Der p 2 isoallergens have different allergenicity and quantification with 2-site ELISA using monoclonal antibodies is influenced by the isoallergens박중원; 용태순; 홍천수
2002전라남도 완도군 보길도 주민의 폐흡충 및 장내기생충 감염현황신명헌
2002Complestatin antagonizee the AMPA/Kainate-induced neurotoxicity in cultured chick telencephalic neurons신명헌
2001The Basis for IL-2-Induced IL-2 Receptor α Chain Gene Regulation: Importance of Two Widely Separated IL-2 Response Elements김형표
2001깔따구 알레르기와 새로이 확인된 깔따구 알레르겐용태순
2001One-Step PCR Amplification of Complete Arthropod Mitochondrial Genomes용태순
2001Geographical variation of the liver fluke, Clonorchis sinensis, from Korea and China based on the karyotypes, zymodeme and DNA sequences용태순