Dept. of Radiology

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2016Prognostic implications of PIK3CA amplification in curatively resected liposarcoma.김경식; 김성훈; 라선영; 박규현; 서진석; 신규호; 안중배; 이영한; 최영득; 허혁; 김효송; 노성훈
2016PIK3CA amplification is associated with poor prognosis among patients with curatively resected esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.김대준; 이용찬; 이창걸; 정현수; 조병철; 허진; 신성관; 이상길; 김현기; 김혜련; 박준철; 배윤성; 김효송
2016Characteristics of Resting-State Functional Connectivity in HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder.구남수; 김무현; 김준명; 신나영; 안미영; 안진영; 전용덕; 정우용; 정인영; 최준용
2016Different Functional and Microstructural Changes Depending on Duration of Mild Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson Disease.김동준; 이승구; 이필휴
2016Combined intravitreal melphalan and intravenous/intra-arterial chemotherapy for retinoblastoma with vitreous seeds김동준; 유철주; 이성철; 이지환; 한승민; 한정우
2016Prognostic Model to Predict Survival Outcome for Curatively Resected Liposarcoma: A Multi-Institutional Experience.김경식; 김성훈; 김효송; 노성훈; 라선영; 범승훈; 서진석; 신규호; 오윤정; 이영한; 조영진; 최영득; 허혁
2016Prostate Cancer: PI-RADS Version 2 Helps Preoperatively Predict Clinically Significant Cancers.나군호; 박성윤; 오영택; 정대철; 조남훈; 최영득; 한경석; 홍성준
2016Difference in Bone Mineral Density Change at the Lateral Femoral Cortices according to Administration of Different Bisphosphonate Agents.김성준; 양규현; 정우석
2016Usefulness of voxel-based lesion mapping for predicting motor recovery in subjects with basal ganglia hemorrhage: A preliminary study with 2 case reports.경성현; 조유나; 박윤길; 안성준
2016Incidental detection of pancreatic hemangioma mimicking a metastatic tumor of renal cell carcinoma.김경식; 김성현; 최영득; 최진영
2016Assessment of Mitral Paravalvular Leakage After Mitral Valve Replacement Using Cardiac Computed Tomography: Comparison With Surgical Findings.김영진; 허진; 홍그루; 홍유진; 서영주; 심지영; 이혜정; 임동진; 장병철; 장수연; 최병욱
2016새로운 경구용 항응고제 사용 중 발생한 하대정맥 필터의 혈전성 폐쇄김만득; 박동혁; 이상학
2016Management of portal hypertension derived from uncommon causes.김경식; 김성현; 원종윤
2016Isolation and characterization of tumorspheres from a recurrent pineoblastoma patient: Feasibility of a patient-derived xenograft.강석구; 허용민; 곽지용; 김동석; 김선호; 김세훈; 김의현; 신경진; 장종희
2016Failure of a patient-derived xenograft for brain tumor model prepared by implantation of tissue fragments.강석구; 김선호; 김세훈; 김의현; 장종희; 정재호; 허용민
2016Correlation of vestibular aqueduct size with air-bone gap in enlarged vestibular aqueduct syndrome.김진아; 최재영
2016Breast parenchymal signal enhancement ratio at preoperative magnetic resonance imaging: association with early recurrence in triple-negative breast cancer patients.김민정; 김은경; 문희정; 박영진; 윤정현
2016Correlation between conductivity and prognostic factors in invasive breast cancer using magnetic resonance electric properties tomography (MREPT).김민정; 김은경; 문희정; 윤정현
2016Ductal Carcinoma In Situ within a Fibroadenoma: Microcalcifications Identified on Mammography Play a Crucial Role in Diagnosis김은경
2016Ultrasonography Diagnosis and Imaging-Based Management of Thyroid Nodules: Revised Korean Society of Thyroid Radiology Consensus Statement and Recommendations.곽진영; 김은경