Dept. of Pharmacology

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Regulation of pluripotency and differentiation by deubiquitinating enzymes.김형범; 호사발레랑가파바라티
2016Prognostic Scoring Index for Patients with Metastatic Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma.박준성; 정희철; 박형순; 윤동섭; 이동기; 이민구; 이세준
2016Functional characterization of ABCB4 mutations found in progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis type 3.노신혜; 지헌영
2016Pore dilatation increases the bicarbonate permeability of CFTR, ANO1 and glycine receptor anion channels.김연정; 김철훈; 박경수; 손한길; 윤주헌; 이민구; 전익현; 정진세
2016Whole exome sequencing identifies causative mutations in the majority of consanguineous or familial cases with childhood-onset increased renal echogenicity.지헌영
2016Modelling of the Effect of End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide on Cerebral Oxygen Saturation in Beach Chair Position under General Anaesthesia.김소연; 박경수; 천용민; 한동우
2016Mutations in SLC26A1 Cause Nephrolithiasis.이민구; 전익현; 지헌영
2016Mutations in nuclear pore genes NUP93, NUP205 and XPO5 cause steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome.지헌영
2016The HSP70 co-chaperone DNAJC14 targets misfolded pendrin for unconventional protein secretion.김지윤; 노신혜; 이민구; 전익현; 정진세; 지헌영; 최재영
2016Overexpression of SOX2 Is Associated with Better Overall Survival in Squamous Cell Lung Cancer Patients Treated with Adjuvant Radiotherapy금기창; 이창걸; 김용배; 김철훈; 박규현; 윤홍인; 이은정
2016Prevalence of Monogenic Causes in Pediatric Patients with Nephrolithiasis or Nephrocalcinosis지헌영
2016FAT1 mutations cause a glomerulotubular nephropathy지헌영
2016Large-scale targeted sequencing comparison highlights extreme genetic heterogeneity in nephronophthisis-related ciliopathies지헌영
2016P-Glycoprotein, not BCRP, Limits the Brain Uptake of [(18)F]Mefway in Rodent Brain김철훈; 류철형; 유영훈; 최재용
2016Exome sequencing reveals recurrent REV3L mutations in cisplatin-resistant squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck김상우; 김한상; 김혜련; 조병철
2016Loss of Epithelial Membrane Protein 2 Aggravates Podocyte Injury via Upregulation of Caveolin-1.지헌영
2016Deficiency in DGCR8-dependent canonical microRNAs causes infertility due to multiple abnormalities during uterine development in mice김형범
2016Designed nucleases for targeted genome editing김동욱; 김형범
2016Pharmacogenetic analysis of advanced non-small-cell lung cancer patients treated with first-line paclitaxel and carboplatin chemotherapy김주항; 김혜련; 박형순; 이민구; 조병철; 조응혁
2016Clinical and Pathological Heterogeneity of Korean Patients with CAPN3 Mutations이정환; 김승민; 신하영; 이민구; 조성래; 최영철