Dept. of Neurosurgery

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion in Multilevel: Comparison with Conventional Transforaminal Interbody Fusion.구성욱; 김근수; 박정윤; 이원철; 조영은; 진동규; 김경현
2016Onyx Embolization for Isolated Type Dural Arteriovenous Fistula Using a Dual-Lumen Balloon Catheter.김동익; 김동준; 김병문; 김진우; 박근영
2016Treatment Outcome and Prognostic Molecular Markers of Supratentorial Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors.김동석; 김세훈; 김준원; 서창옥; 심규원; 유철주; 조재호; 한정우
2016Computer-assisted shape descriptors for skull morphology in craniosynostosis김동석; 김용욱; 박은경; 심규원
2016PKCδ activated by c-MET enhances infiltration of human glioblastoma cells through NOTCH2 signaling강석구
2016Pipeline Embolization Device for Large/Giant or Fusiform Aneurysms: An Initial Multi-Center Experience in Korea김동준; 김병문; 박근영
2016The Role of Radiosurgery in the Management of Benign Head and Neck Tumors.김창훈; 박용구; 박현호; 이성철; 이원상; 장원석; 장종희; 정현호; 홍창기
2016Relationship between T1 slope and loss of lordosis after laminoplasty in patients with cervical ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament김긍년; 김병우; 신동아; 윤도흠; 이성; 이창규; 하윤
2016Randomized Controlled Study of Percutaneous Epidural Neuroplasty Using Racz Catheter and Epidural Steroid Injection in Cervical Disc Disease김긍년; 신동아; 하윤
2016Biomechanical Comparison of Spinal Fusion Methods Using Interspinous Process Compressor and Pedicle Screw Fixation System Based on Finite Element Method신동아
2016A Great Teacher of Neurosurgery in Korea: Hun Jae Lee (1921-1983)김근수; 박형우; 신동아
2016CD133 and DNA-PK regulate MDR1 via the PI3K- or Akt-NF-κB pathway in multidrug-resistant glioblastoma cells in vitro심규원
2016Ideal clipping methods for unruptured middle cerebral artery bifurcation aneurysms based on aneurysmal neck classification김소연; 허승곤; 박근영; 이재환
2016Headache After Cerebral Angiography: Frequency, Predisposing Factors, and Predictors of Recovery김용배; 정준호; 주진양; 홍창기
2016Effects of preventive surgery for unruptured intracranial aneurysms on attention, executive function, learning and memory: a prospective cohort study김용배; 정준호; 주진양; 홍창기; 석정호
2016Combination of Multicatheter Plus Stent or Balloon for Treatment of Complex Aneurysms김동익; 김동준; 김병문; 김진우; 박근영
2016The effect of nucleus basalis magnocellularis deep brain stimulation on memory function in a rat model of dementia장원석; 장진우
2016Basal Forebrain Cholinergic Deficits Reduce Glucose Metabolism and Function of Cholinergic and GABAergic Systems in the Cingulate Cortex장원석; 장진우
2016Effective Treatment of Solitary Pituitary Metastasis with Panhypopituitarism in HER2-Positive Breast Cancer by Lapatinib김의현; 김혜민; 서창옥; 이수현
2016Tumor mesenchymal stem-like cell as a prognostic marker in primary glioblastoma강석구; 김선호; 김의현; 노태훈; 장종희; 허용민