Dept. of Medical Engineering

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016ATLS Hypovolemic Shock Classification by Prediction of Blood Loss in Rats Using Regression Models.김덕원
2016Multiphoton imaging of myogenic differentiation in gelatin-based hydrogels as tissue engineering scaffolds박종철
2016Golgi polarization effects on infiltration of mesenchymal stem cells into electrospun scaffolds by fluid shear stress: Analysis by confocal microscopy and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy박종철; 이미희
2016Biological Safety Evaluation of Polyketones as Biomaterials박종철; 백현숙; 이미희
2016Enhanced Patency and Endothelialization of Small-Caliber Vascular Grafts Fabricated by Coimmobilization of Heparin and Cell-Adhesive Peptides박영환; 박한기; 박종철
2016Characterization and Preparation of Bio-Tubular Scaffolds for Fabricating Artificial Vascular Grafts by Combining Electrospinning and a Co-Culture System박종철
2016Ethyl-2, 5-dihydroxybenzoate displays dual activity by promoting osteoblast differentiation and inhibiting osteoclast differentiation박종철; 이미희
2016The Computerized Table Setting Test for Detecting Unilateral Neglect김영대; 남효석; 송동범; 이혜선; 장혁재; 정석종; 허지회
2016Simple Scoring System and Artificial Neural Network for Knee Osteoarthritis Risk Prediction: A Cross-Sectional Study김덕원
2016Development of a Screening Tool for Predicting Adverse Outcomes of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: A Retrospective Cohort Study.권자영; 김덕원; 김영한; 박용원
2016Intraoperative Diagnosis Support Tool for Serous Ovarian Tumors Based on Microarray Data Using Multicategory Machine Learning조남훈; 김덕원; 김상운; 김영태; 남은지
2002동종 이식을 위한 사람 조직의 멸균박종철; 신규호
2002의료기기 임상연구와 관련된 윤리문제김덕원
2002Various Ca/P ratios of thin calcium phosphate films박종철
2002An infection-preventing bilayered collagen membrane containing antibiotic-loaded hyaluronan microparticles: physical and biological properties박종철; 오상호; 이광훈; 이종은
2002결핵균 자동염색기의 개발 및 평가김덕원; 조상래
2002위전도 신호처리를 위한 웨이브렛 필터와 디지털 필터의 비교김덕원
2002Detection of oleic acid biodegradation by fungi박봉주; 박종철; 서활
2002정상 성인에서 Galvanic 자극에 의한 유발 안진이주형; 김덕원; 이원상
2002생체 임피던스 측정에 의한 상지 운동 감지 시스템김덕원