Dept. of Anatomy

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Methods to analyze cell type-specific gene expression profiles from heterogeneous cell populations정호성
2016Magnetic Force Nanoprobe for Direct Observation of Audio Frequency Tonotopy of Hair Cells.복진웅
2016Identification of a nonsense mutation in the STRC gene in a Korean family with moderate hearing loss.복진웅
2016Calmodulin Mediates Ca2+-Dependent Inhibition of Tie2 Signaling and Acts as a Developmental Brake During Embryonic Angiogenesis.정호성
2016Vimentin filaments regulate integrin-ligand interactions by binding to the cytoplasmic tail of integrin β3.정호성
2016CTCF-mediated Chromatin Loop for the Posterior Hoxc Gene Expression in MEF Cells.김명희; 민혜현; 이지연
2016Genes Frequently Coexpressed with Hoxc8 Provide Insight into the Discovery of Target Genes.김명희; 민혜현; 이지연
2016HOXC9 Induces Phenotypic Switching between Proliferation and Invasion in Breast Cancer Cells.김명희; 이지연
2016A Great Teacher of Neurosurgery in Korea: Hun Jae Lee (1921-1983)김근수; 박형우; 신동아
2016Prenatal exposure to dexamethasone disturbs sex-determining gene expression and fetal testosterone production in male embryos.김명희; 이지연
2002Radicicol represses the transcriptional function of the estrogen receptor by suppressing the stabilization of the receptor by heat shock protein 90이종은
2002An infection-preventing bilayered collagen membrane containing antibiotic-loaded hyaluronan microparticles: physical and biological properties박종철; 오상호; 이광훈; 이종은
2002배자배양법을 이용한 방사선 유도 선천성 기형 검사의 모델 시스템 개발김명희; 박형우
2002Effects of MK-801 and Morphine on Spinal C-Fos Expression during the Development of Neuropathic Pain박경아; 이원택; 이윤우
2002A novel factor associating with the upstream regulatory element of murine Hoxa-7 induces bacterial cell death박형우; 김명희
2002Laminin modified infection-preventing collagen membrane containing silver sulfardiazine-hyaluronan microparticles박종철; 서활; 오상호; 이광훈; 이종은
2002일차배양된 신경세포에서 Capsaicin의 선택적 작용.박경아; 이원택; 이종은
2002한국인의 발등동맥과 첫째 등쪽발허리동맥에 대한 형태학적 연구이혜연
2002Surgical anatomy of the sphenopalatine artery in lateral nasal wall정인혁; 조남훈; 김경수; 윤주헌; 이정권; 이혜연
2002Effects of postnatally administered inorganic lead on the tyrosine hydroxylase immunoreactive norepinephrinergic neurons of the locus ceruleus of the rat.이원택; 이종은