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SrF2계 충진재를 함유한 광중합형 복합레진의 특성

 김희정 ; 김경남 ; 이종갑 ; 최병재 
 Journal of the Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (대한소아치과학회지), Vol.28(1) : 54~66, 2001 
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 Journal of the Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (대한소아치과학회지) 
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The aim of this study was to investigate the fluoride release and some mechanical properties including 3-point bending strength, amount of abrasion, surface hardness, water sorption/solubility and cytotoxicity of the newly developed composite resins containing 8, 16, 24 wt% glass filler (VF8, VF16, VF24) and four commercially available composite resins, Heliomolar(HE), Verdonfil(VE), Z100(ZH) and Aelitefil(AE). To investigate cytotoxic effect, agar overlay assay was done. Amount of fluoride released into distilled water was measured over a 62-days period from VF8, VF16, VF24 and HE. Results were as follows: 1. Experimental composite resins showed similar mechanical properties to commercial composite resins, but 3-point bending strength and surface hardness of experimental composite resins were inferior to ZH. 2. Over a 62-day Period, the amount of fluoride released was ordered: VF24>VF16>VF8>HE. In experimental composite resins, the amount of fluoride released was 9-23 times greater than HE and seemed to be proportional to the content of glass filler. 3. Experimental composite resins and all control composite resins showed mild cytotoxicity. This study showed significantly greater fluoride release from newly developed composite resins than control(HE) and addition of glass filler did not decrease mechanical properties or increase cytotoxicity of composite resin. The results from this study imply that newly developed composite resin have adequate mechanical properites, mild cytotoxicity and some potential for secondary caries prevention.
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