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흰 쥐 모델에서 지연재식 시 dexamethasone과 OP-1의 표면처리가 치주조직 재생 및 항흡수 작용에 미치는 효과

 권오택 ; 금기연 ; 이승종 
 Journal of Korean Academy of Conservative Dentistry (대한치과보존학회지), Vol.26(4) : 296~306, 2001 
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 Journal of Korean Academy of Conservative Dentistry (대한치과보존학회지) 
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The purpose of this study was to observe the effect of dexamethasone and osteogenic protein-1(BMP-7) on bone, cementum and periodontal tissue regeneration. A total of 60 Sprague-Dawley white female mice were selected and beta-APN was used for five days to extract the maxillary first molar a traumatically. After the extraction of the teeth, the mesiobuccal root canal was filled with Caviton$^{\circledR}$. The teeth were etched with citric acid for 1 min and coated with one of four different experimental solutions : DEX(500nM/ml), DEX(1000nM/ml), OP-1(100㎍/ml) and OP-1(500㎍/ml) for three minutes depending on the group. All teeth were then replanted under microscope. All replantation procedures were done within 30 minutes. Teeth that were replanted after 30 minutes of bench dry only was used as positive control. All animals were sacrificed at 3 weeks following replantation and histologic observtion was done. The results were as follows ; 1. Active root resorption rate was decreased by the order of OP-1(500㎍/ml), DEX(1000nM/ml), OP-1(100㎍/ml), and DEX(500nM/ml). There was statistically less root resorption in OP-1 (500㎍/ml) and DEX(1000nM/ml) group(P<0.05). 2. The group with higher concentration of dexamethasone(1000nM/ml) had statistically more bone union compared to positive control group(P<0.05),but there were no significant differences among four experimental groups. 3. OP-1(500㎍/ml) and DEX(1000nM/ml) groups showed less degree of inflammation compared to the OP-1(100㎍/ml). DEX(500nM/ml), and positive control group (P<0.05). In conclusion, the group with higher concentration of OP-1 had the best results on root resorption, bone ankylosis and anti-inflammatory effects compared to the other experimental groups, but a long-term study is also necessary to evaluate the exact pharmacological effects of the drugs in the future.
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