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잔존상아질 후경에 따른 구치용 복합레진의 치수반응에 관한 연구

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[한글] 성견 6두에서 120개의 건전한 치아를 대상으로 Caries Meter**(R)를 이용하여 22∼26KΩ(Group A:잔존상아질후경 0.4∼0.5mm)과 50∼55KΩ(Group B:잔존상아질후경 0.8∼0.9mm)의 전기저항치를 나타내는 두군으로 나누어 각각 일정한 후경의 잔존상아질을 가지도록 5급와동을 형성하고 그 와동을 Z.O.E., Estilux**q posterior, Heliomolar**(R) radiopague, P-ep**(R), Scotchbond**(R) + P-30**(R)로 각각 충전한 후 3일, 1주, 2주, 4주, 9주, 13주간격으로 실험동물을 희생시켜 조직표본을 제작하여 치수조직의 변화상을 병리조직적으로 관찰한 결과 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다. 1. 잔존상아질 후경 0.4∼0.5mm군은 0.8∼0.9mm군보다 치수반응이 심하게 나타났다. 2. Z.O.E로 충전한 A군에서 초기에는 혈관변화, 4주에는 심한 급성염증, 9주에는 중증도 급성염증, 13주에는 만성염증과 육아조직형성이 나타났다. 3. Estilux**(R) posterior로 충전한 A군에서 초기에는 혈관변화만 보이다가 시간경과에 따라 염증반응이 심화되면서 13주에는 심한 염증반응을 나타냈다. 4. Heliomolar**(R) radiopaque로 충전한 A군에서 시간경과에 따른 염증반응이 다른 충전재에 비하여 심하지 않았다. 5. B군에서는 재료에 따른 치수반응을 인지할 수 없으나 A군에서는 Estilux**(R) posterior가 치수반응이 가장 심하였고 P-30(R), Heliomolar**(R) radiopaque순으로 경미하였다.
[영문] The pulp response of posterior composite resins in relation to the thickness of remaining dentin was studied with 120 teeth from 6 dogs. Clase Ⅴ. cavities were prepared on the cervical area of facial surfaces. The thickness of remaining dentin was controlled with Caries Meter**(R). The cavities of group A were prepared to show the electrical impedance of 22-26KΩ(thickness of remaining dentin: 0.40-0.5mm). The cavities of group B, 50-55KΩ(thickness of remaining dentin: 0.8-0.9mm). Zinc-oxide Eugenol cement, Estilux**(R) posterior, Heliomolar**(R) radiopaque, P-30(R) and Scotchbond**(R) + P-30**(R) were filled in each cavity. After 3days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 9 weeks and 13 weeks, the teeth and pulp tissue were processed routinely and stained with Hematoxylin and Eosin. Pathological tissue changes were observed with light microscope. The following results were obtained. 1. The pulp response of group A cavities was severed than that of group B cavities. 2. In the pulp of group A cavities which were filled with Zinc-Oxide Eugenol Cement, only vascular changes were observed after 3 days and 1 week, severe acute inflammation after 4 weeks, moderate acute inflammation after 9 weeks, and chronic inflammation and formation of granulation tissue after 13 weeks. 3. In the pulp of group A cavities which were filled with Estilux**(R) posterior, only vascular changes were observed after 3 days and 1 week. But the inflammatory response has became much severer with the elapsed experimental period. 4. In the pulp of group A cavities which were filled with Heliomolar**(R) radiopaque, the inflammatory response with the elapsed experimental period was not severer than that of the pulp of group A cavities which were filled with other materials. 5. In the group B cavities, the difference of pulp response by filling materials was not recognizable. In the group A cavities, the pulp response of Estilux**(R) posterior was severest and in order P-30**(R), Heliomolar**(R) readiopaque was slighter.
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